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Franz Bardon dictated three books on initiation that are the most advanced guides for spiritual development in the modern western world.

You might ask, “who was Franz Bardon?” For those who are not familiar with his work, suffice it to say that Bardon is considered to be one of the most important adepts of our age. According to Bardon himself, he was directed by Divine Providence to reveal to humanity the meaning behind the first four Major Arcana of the Tarot. While he fulfilled his mission, only his revelation of three of the Tarot cards were published and the fourth has been lost. The first card, the Magician, was revealed in Initiation Into Hermetics (IIH)[2]; the second card, the High Priestess, was revealed in The Practice of Magical Evocation (PME)[3]; and, the third card, the Empress, was revealed in The Key to the True Quabbalah (KTQ)[4]. Only a small fragment of his revelation of the fourth card, the Emperor, remains and is found as an appendix to the book Frabato, titled The Golden Book of Wisdom[5].

With some occult writers, we are left with nearly every detail of their personal lives, while with others, we know no more than their pen names. The situation with Bardon lies somewhere between these two extremes. While we have, through the grace of Divine Providence, access to all of his published works, we can find only a small few details left over from his personal life.

What we do know is that he was born in Czechoslovakia in 1909 and that he died in 1958. He was the first of 13 children and an only son. According to legend, his spirit inhabited the body of young Franz at the age of 16, in answer to the prayers of his father, Victor, for the guidance of a personal teacher.

During his young adult years, Franz worked as a stage performer under the name “Frabato”. His performances were reportedly of a unique nature in that he displayed and explained the occult practices so common in that day. According to all reports, he was one of the few such performers who was not a charlatan.

In his early thirties, because of his interest in the occult, the Nazis imprisoned him in a concentration camp. He survived three and a half years in the concentration camp but little is know publicly about his time there other than its obvious horror. At some point after that, he became well known as a teacher of Hermetics and worked successfully at a healing practice based upon those same principles.

It was during this period of his life that he wrote the three books by which we now know him.

According to legend, it was his healing practice, combined with the books he was directed by Divine Providence to write, that incurred the wrath of the communist government of Czechoslovakia which followed the war, and in the late 1950's he was again imprisoned. It was in prison that he apparently died.


Below are 11 of the best quotes by Franz Bardon. Please feel free to share your favorite quotes by the author in the comments below.

  1. You will find that there is no death at all, in the true sense of the word, but everything goes on living, transmuting and becoming perfect according to primitive laws.

  2. According to the universal laws, the magician will form his own point of view about the universe which henceforth will be his true religion.

  3. You will find that there is no death at all, in the true sense of the word, but everything goes on living, transmuting and becoming perfect according to primitive laws.

  4. Life is not a fairground, but a school. – Franz Bardon.

  5. It is in an ennobled soul only that the universal powers can do their work, especially if body, mind and soul have been equally trained and developed.

  6. The physical world is the point of departure from whence the magician works and upon which every human being, initiated or not, live and moves through his senses, his spirit, his soul and his physical body.

  7. It is not advisable to hasten development, because everything needs time. Patience, perseverance and tenacity are fundamental conditions of the development. The pains taken in one’s development will be amply rewarded.

  8. A true initiate will never force anyone who has not reached a certain level of maturity to accept his truth.

  9. All these preparations clearly show that a human being must perfect himself in the physical world through his magical development in order to be prepared for the higher astral world after death.

  10. He who is going to be a magician will recognize that life is dependent on the work of the elements in the various planes and spheres. It is to be seen in great and in small things, in the microcosm as well as in the macrocosm, temporarily and eternally, everywhere there are powers in action.

  11. If knowledge and wisdom keep the same pace in development, the adept is enabled to grasp all the laws of the microcosm and the macrocosm, not only from the point of view of wisdom, but also from the intellectual side, that is, in a bipolar way, to perceive and utilize them for his own development.


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