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Without free and fair elections we are not a democracy. We are a criminal cartel, masquerading as a democracy.

The official trailer for “2000 Mules” is finally here. It’s the movie we’ve all been waiting for. Please share! Go to to buy your ticket & support this much needed work.

2000 Mules depicts the truth about what happened behind the presidential election of 2020. The documentary film also outlines how a vast network of operatives who were paid to violate election laws.

What is a Mule?

A person picking up ballots and running them to the drop boxes.

True the Vote has the largest store of election intelligence for the 2020 election in the world. No one has more data, using cellphone geo tracking. True the Vote has identified more than 242 mules that went to an average of 24 drop boxes. Philadelphia alone identified over 1100 mules.

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