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Changing The Game In Real Estate

Property management and real estate is changing rapidly across the country and around the world. Over the past year apartment pricing has significantly increased, from Nevada to California, Georgia, Texas, Florida and Illinois and many other states.

Large and small property management companies are expanding and investors are extremely excited about being able to charge $1500 a month on the same type of apartment -- that last year only garnered $1200. Yes, some of the apartments on the market are new or remodeled, but many are not. I totally understand supply and demand, I am also well versed in market research and real estate software like yieldstar and lro. If your competition is charging $1500 a month -- well best business practice is to push the gamet.

I understand the money to be made in this industry -- but just because you can charge $2000 for a 2 bedroom apartment on the northside -- or even $2500 in the southwest -- doesn’t mean you should.

During these difficult times -- working in this industry -- I have connected with many families inquiring about pricing for 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartment homes. Many are literally defeated by what they are presented with and are becoming hopeless behind the skyrocketing pricing --- seemingly out of thin air. It has become extremely difficult for these families to even afford a 1 bedroom apartment home here in Las Vegas, and if there are no other options for these people, it will be a very cold winter for many -- and this is not okay with me.

This is why I have decided to launch a new “Home Initiative,” similar to what I created in Atlanta, Georgia back in 2007, after the devastating housing bubble.

Change is needed -- and that change will start with me. Will you join me?

I am now pushing forward to complete something I attempted to complete in 2019 but became so caught up in working for corporations that I lost sight of the dream. Living through Covid and all the other horrific anomalies, I’ve decided to finally complete my real estate course and become a Realtor in Nevada. I plan on taking the Real Estate exam in mid December and then off we will go with this endeavor.

In the interim; I am looking to connect with real estate investors, property management companies, realtors, loan officers, homeowners of single family homes, entrepreneurs, and humanitarians that wholeheartedly believe in an initiative such as this, which will ultimately assist hard working families that simply would like to find good, quality housing at a fair price.

Leave a comment below or email me here.


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