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An Open Letter to My Younger Self....

It’s never too late to be the person you needed to be... when you were younger.

It's never a wrong time.

If what you wish is forgiveness for past wrongs or acceptance of who you are today ...or even appreciation for how far you've come, this open letter is for you.

These are the things I want my younger self to know... things you might be able to relate to.

“If you must look back, do so forgivingly.” — Maya Angelou

A Letter to My Younger Self

First things first, you’re going to make it through — through this day, through the night, through everything. No matter how terrible things may seem, this moment shall pass and you will still be here standing strong. Today, right here, right now...this is yours. Your life. The way things are right now, they won't always be this way. The landscape will change and so will you. Whatever situation you find yourself in, it's yours. Claim it. Own your life. Make decisions you can feel good about. Embrace this very juncture you are blessed to experience. In this life you must do your own believing, your own forgiving, your own living in grand style like only you can....

And this is how you live with little regret: you embrace everything you experience, even the things that don’t feel good. Because when you do that, you do what you came into this world to do and you come alive.

Every up and down, every tear and thrill. This life is yours... and you can dance and laugh out loud ...and have no reason to apologize for who you are. There is a place and a purpose for everything under the sun and you are no exception.

Don't apologize for figuring yourself out. You don’t have to be like everyone else. You have your own place in the world, so own your worth. Own your smile, your hair, your skin, your voice, how you walk and talk. Hold your head high and never give up.

In all the millions of ways you can be told you're not enough, don't believe even one of them.

Exactly who you are is exactly who you are meant to be. Accept yourself now, love yourself and you'll be amazed at the person you become.

This is the secret to true happiness and success — it’s hidden right out in the open, right in the present moment, right in your heart. Sure you're going to stumble, fall -- and you're going to learn.

You will continue to move hazily down some blotchy roads and trip over your own feet long after you thought you had figured it all out. Hey, it's okay. You’re in good company.

Some walks you’ll still have to take alone, but that doesn't stop you from being a child of this earth, with the soul of the whole universe at your side.

To be alive is a precious thing — don’t forget that and don’t minimize your own existence...for anyone. Don’t doubt how important you are. You can’t even imagine how important you are.

Please don’t take yourself too seriously, either, because nobody has it all figured out. Everybody has scars, is afraid of something, and wants more than anything to belong.

In fact, the more you learn the more you'll realize how little you know. That's the difference between knowledge and wisdom. If knowledge is power, then wisdom is strength.

One day you'll realize how much strength it takes to lean on others, how being vulnerable means being real, how forgiveness heals.

Pay attention to what heals you, and stay close to it.

When you're afraid to love again, go ahead and love one more time.

When you're afraid to ask for help, go ahead and ask anyway.

When life throws you down, consider it a privilege to stand back up again. Show the world how you turn pain into love, an ending into a beginning, darkness into light. Be your own hero.

Lastly, for now, know this: that it’s never too late to be who you might have been.

I love you.

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