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Armor AGAINST Psychic Attacks

Psychic attack is a fancy name for negative energy being focused on you with the conscious or subconscious intention to inflict harm upon you, or any aspect of your life. Focus manipulates and moves energy. Harm can be focused towards your emotional, physical, spiritual or mental state. Those negative energies are projected in the form of thought and intention. The way that people feel towards us and think about us as well as their intention towards us produces strong energy signatures. When we become a match to these strong negative energy signatures, like anything, they affect us.

Symptoms of a Psychic Attack -- Courtesy of Dr. Tan Kheng Khoo

You can look at this as a mental intrusion into your energetic space that can cause physical symptoms such as feeling weak, lethargic, unhappy, and illness. Psychic attacks can manifest itself while dreaming or while you’re awake, and often results in your energy plummeting. The person under an attack may suffer the following:

1) Fatigue and malaise. There is usually a feeling of listlessness and lethargy. There is no desire to go out and do exciting or interesting things, as per usual. The tiredness is there soon after waking up in the morning, and lasts until one goes to bed at night. This inertia will intensify, if uncorrected, until the victim is exhausted. He goes to a doctor, who examines him and runs a series of tests. But alas, to no avail. The doctor is completely bewildered, and proffers an ambiguous diagnosis like ‘chronic fatigue syndrome’. Finally, the victim gets a nervous breakdown, and ends up with a psychiatrist or a healer. This is a form of spiritual vampirism. He may then lose his job, which may fortuitously begin the process of healing. This is because the attacks may emanate from the work place.

2) Insomnia and Nightmares. The person under attack may find that he is unable to sleep at nights. These are of 2 varieties. One is the normal type which coffee drinkers suffer. The other is due the fact that the psychic attacks are usually timed at just before going into or just coming out of deep sleep. The commonest form of attack is when a victim is awakened up by a heavy weight or ‘someone' pressing on his chest. He is completely unable to move. He cannot speak or shout, and he finds great difficulty in breathing. The experience is terrifying, and the attack may seem interminably long, but usually it is no longer than a minute or so. When these attacks are frequent, he dares not go to sleep. What can make things worse is that some of them wake up with bruises of definite patterns on their bodies. At this point, they would have to come to a definite conclusion that these attacks are either occult or spiritual. The latter is of course due to spirits in the lower astral or they are earthbound.

Some people take these chest pressures as bad dreams, but they are either due to the occultist sending out his etheric body reinforced with ectoplasm to attack the victim or due to a mischievous earthbound spirit. In the case of the occultist, the offender loses a lot of weight projecting ectoplasm for the assault. Consequently, if the victim just maintains his calmness with no panic, time is on his side. If he continues with this equanimity, the attacker will have to give up, as he will be exhausted himself.

Nightmares are usually composed of recurring dreams of ogres or monsters coming to assault the victim every night. Or the victim may try night after night to throw himself out of the window as in sleep walking or injure himself. The above 2 varieties of attacks are truly terrifying, and that is why the victim dares not fall asleep.

3) Finale: If no help is sought with the above of signs and symptoms, the victim may end up wasting away. With the loss of tissue, insomnia and nervous exhaustion, the victim becomes a shell of skin and bones. Finally he expires without a diagnosis. This sequel is pretty rare in modern cultures, but it is not uncommon in the olden days in the jungles of Africa, where the practice of ‘bone pointing’ was quite prevalent.

4) External Signs. The most frequent one is rotten odors like decomposed flesh, dung or filthy drains. The other is the sudden appearance of slime. There may be also footprints of humans and animals from nowhere and are completely unaccountable. Lastly, there may be peculiar sounds and lights, and poltergeist activity. These are all merely external signs to reinforce the presence of auric attacks; otherwise they merely represent haunting of the building.

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People can cause a psychic attack in different ways, and it’s not always intentional. For example, if someone gossips about you, they might think that it is harmless. However, it can manifest as a psychic attack in your world. An example of this is feeling your ears burn when someone talks about you. Similarly, someone backstabbing you in conversation can cause a stabbing pain in your back. Motivations for a psychic attack can range from subconscious jealousy to deliberate experiments with the shadow world. Fortunately, it’s possible to stop spiritual attacks and minimize the effects when they do occur. In this blog, we will share a few ways to protect yourself from psychic attacks.

  1. Clear Bad Energy.

Plant medicine is a strong ally for clearing negative energy.  Burning sage is very popular, but you can also use rosemary, cedar, resins like frankincense and mryyh and even sandalwood. Brush the smoke from the plant medicine around your body and house. Pay particular attention to the bedroom if you are experiencing attacks in the dream world. Invite in light and positive energy. To help get rid of negative energies, repeat affirmations such as:

I am loved.

I am protected.

I am light, casting out darkness.

I choose faith over fear.

I am surrounded by people who love and support me.

I am divinely protected at all times.

2. Cut Cords for Spiritual Growth

Cord cutting is another great tool for psychic attack protection.  When we enter into relationships, whether it is with family, friends, a partner, colleague, someone we have regular dealings with, or even an individual that you meet in passing, we develop energetic cords. These cords aren't necessarily bad. They actually help us to form connection and understanding with one another.

When we are connected energetically, we perceive on a much deeper level and have the ability to tune into the energy of another. We are all energy beings; while we tend to interact with the world through our five physical senses, the truth is that our primary means of relating is energetically.

As we move through our lives — growing, learning, evolving — we must necessarily let go of that which no longer serves us. When we let go, we create space. This space is that of potential, of possibility.

Relationships and attachments that no longer serve us can cause a lot of pain. Cord cutting is a way to cut unhealthy ties between you and another person. After a cord-cutting, that person can no longer influence your psyche. It’s like withdrawing your permission for them to be in your world. Practice this exercise before bed. Imagine a cord that originates from your belly and connects to the other person. Now, picture yourself cutting the tie with a pair of scissors. Say, “I release the emotional attachment to (the person’s name).”

3. Surround Yourself in White Light

White light is the opposite of darkness and energy manipulation. It can act as a bubble to protect you from harmful emotions and other negative energies. The first step is visualizing your body surrounded by white light. However, before that, you need to ground yourself. Sit with your feet firmly planted on the ground. The next step is relaxing fully. Roll your shoulders. Clench parts of your body, then release them. Step three is aligning your breathing. Take at least three long, full breaths. Step four is to imagine white light swirling around you. Picture the light wrapping around and entering your body through the crown of your head. Allow this energy to soak into your whole being.

4. Strengthen Your Aura

Auras are a field of energy around your body. When your aura is strong, it acts as a protective shield, stopping negativity. People who  can see auras view them as different colors. To remove negative energy from your aura, imagine it as a rainbow surrounding you. A single color may be more intense than the others, so focus on that color. Picture your aura repelling negative energy and letting in positive energy. You can also strengthen your aura by spending time in nature, walking on a beach or swimming in the ocean or taking a spiritual cleansing bath. Listening to sound meditation featuring singing bowls are also helpful.

5. Dream Journaling

A dream journal can help in repelling psychic attacks that manifest at night. When you wake every morning, write down your dreams. The act of writing will take some of the power away from psychic attack nightmares. Before you go to bed, use your dream journal to document your intentions for sleep. Ask that your dreams be of love and light. Request that the universe, God, or your spirit guides protect you during the night. If you have trouble sleeping, play a relaxing meditation after you get into bed. This meditation will also help guide your dreams in a positive direction.

6. Use Crystals

Crystals are an excellent tool for preventing psychic attacks. For everyday protection, wear or carry them wherever you go. Program your crystal for a specific purpose by holding it and focusing on your intention. A few of the best crystals to use to prevent psychic attacks can be found below:

* Hematite for grounding and balancing your energy

* Amethyst for cleansing the aura and drawing in divine energy

* Black tourmaline for general all-round protection

* Dragon’s Eye for protection from curses

* Black obsidian for creating a shield around your aura

* Black Kyanite protects you from relationships and people who feast on your energy. Use it to cut the cords with any toxic, negative or unwanted energy that you just want to release.

* Black quartz for its purifying energy

* Malachite absorbs negative energies and pollutants, picking them up from the atmosphere and from the body.

7. Ask Your Spirit Guides for Help

Each one of us has personal spirit guides. These could be ancestors or higher beings that act in our best interests. While some people hear or see their spirit guides, others simply feel their presence. Your spirit guides can help you solve problems and choose faith over fear. During psychic attacks, they can send you signs to take the right direction. You can connect with your spirit guides through meditation. You should also try and be open to their guidance at any time. They might pop up when you need them the most.

8. Mirrors

If you are worried that your house will be attacked put small mirrors at every window facing outwards. If you know that a colleague in your office is sending negative or hate energy, put a small mirror facing him on your desk. The hate energy will revert back to the sender.

In closing:

Psychic attacks affect people differently. Empaths or people who are highly sensitive can be more vulnerable. These people, in particular, need to maintain their energy field consciously to prevent others from bringing them down, inadvertently or not.

We hope this blog has been helpful!

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