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Candace Owens: Controlled Opposition- Elite Gender Inversion - Part of the Club…?

Candace Owens, once hailed as a beacon of Black conservatism, has found herself at the center of a swirling controversy of her own making.

Is she truly a champion for the Black community, or merely a puppet in a grand political play? What does Candace Owens have against black men? Why are her talking points always so negative?

Image credit: Fox News

Some of her points concerning the impact of certain political ideologies on black men and their families are valid in-terms of  the Democratic Party, and its lack of respect and support for black men. That being said, there are many black men active in the family unit that understand the importance of family structure, and are active participants in it.

What would be the reason Candace Owens continuously shines black men in a negative light, stating they are lazy and not intelligent enough for her?

I am not talking about her criticism of Black Lived Matter, everyone knows the organization is a psyop, as well as her fake stance regarding George Floyd. She knew very well what many conservatives thought regarding the purported conspiracy. Namely, when she claimed George Floyd was not murdered by a racist cop and that he died as a result of a drug overdose. Of course Owens would suggest that the media and George Floyd's family were colluding to bury evidence, because her head has always been to the ground regarding ‘alleged’ conspiracies within the truther movement.

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What's with the disdain regarding black womanhood and feminism? Why does she constantly attack the group for it's stance, calling the movement detrimental to black women causing them to lose their femininity? Going further to say black women in society should prioritize their families and traditional values over careers. What about her career and her brand new family? Did Candace forget she is extremely active in her career of traveling the world, etc? What is her stance on surrogacy? But, wait....

Why would she continually attempt to undermine the unity and progress of the black community?

Candace Owens has always been Controlled Opposition. 

The term "controlled opposition" refers to individuals or groups who are secretly manipulated by a larger power to serve its interests. 

Image credit: The Son of Man

Based on the provided information thus far, one can in fact deduce that Candace Owens is looking to destroy the black family unit from the inside, just as the fake Biden Administration is working to destroy America from the inside.

Remember the negative comments she made about Donald Trump.? Criticizing him for his rudeness towards her and for not taking responsibility for his actions…? She also criticized Trump's leadership style, suggesting that he is holding onto a vengeful spirit and lacks a vision for the future.

Controlled Opposition is beginning to make sense, eh?

It’s apparent to me that Owens conservative views and vocal criticisms are part of a larger strategy to undermine the progress of not just Black Americans, but humanity as a whole.

Why do many patriots believe Candace Owens to be a grifter? Could it be because of her financial motivations and her tendency to engage in attention-seeking behavior, such as picking fights with celebrities, politicians, etc?

It’s apparent that Candace Owens has disdain against the LGBTQ+ community due to, in her own words that the movement is a "sexual plague on our society."  Remember the controversial statements she made about transgender people? Advocating for discrimination against transgender people, suggesting that society would be safer if certain groups were discriminated against more. 

Lastly, why did Candace Owens go after the first lady of France, Brigitte Macron, so hard, claiming that she is secretly a transgender woman? 🤔You think she wants us to recognize the same bio male traits in herself?

Candace Owens was born male. There are bio male gender markers all over the body. She fails the forensic bio female skull, male digit ratio and 2x’s female gait. Square jaw, wide prominent forehead, eyes far apart, muscular neck, index-ring ratio. 

She is part of the elite gender inversion cult and part of the deep state. 

Elite Gender Inversion is not only provable to a high degree but involves anyone you can think of on the world stage. It’s a big club.

Everything has been completed inverted. Everything is upside down. Black is white, men are women, women are men. It has been the same story throughout time. 

Image credit: Son of Man on X.

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Candace Owens called out Michelle Obama and Bridgitte Macron, claiming they were born male. 

There are sick people working behind the scenes, perpetuating frauds against humanity?


They want us to believe that men are women and women are men.

Lots of secrets, deception piled upon deception going back thousands of years. Nephilem bloodlines. They believe they are descendants of Angels. 

Please note, I am in know way promoting the idea that ‘all’ transgender people are part of ‘a’ sinister plot or that being transgender is something to be feared or mocked. I understand the important of approaching these types of discussions with sensitivity and I have respect for all regardless of their lifestyle.

I feel it’s time to bring the discussion of Elite Gender Inversion to the forefront, and there is no better time than now.

Watch this breakdown by Candace:

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