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Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Super blue moon post - August 30, 2023.

You come to a fork in the road, a decision that needs to be made. Do you turn right or left? Do you stay where you are and not choose a side? If you truly have personal convictions on the matter, you innately know what you have to do. In my opinion, a person with deep convictions is convinced that something is true and stands on principle, regardless of the situation and regardless of the consequences. Personal convictions reveal a lot about who We are as a 'People.'

I realize this is not what you want to be reading. Yes, I too am aware of the dangers out there, and I know you are scared. So am I. But I cannot sit around and do nothing. I will not hide and wait for the world to end, to fall away. As difficult as it may be out there tonight, the hardest part is leaving you. So, I am going out 'there' to chase my dreams, even if they are just dreams....because this Jedi shit might be the one and only thing that can save our world.

It's your fault really. You are the one who taught me to fight for what I believe in. To never give up on love.


I'm coming .....***.... always.

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