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Elite Gender Inversions - (EGI) - Part 3

It's always been like this, eon after eon. They distract us with rich vs poor, but the money is an illusion. Will the normies ever see through the charade? How far you extrapolate is up to you, but forming your knowledge on a sound foundation is a must.

Open your eyes. Who has the flat male back? Who has the S-Curve female spine. XX Females do not have Adonis Belt and Adam's Apple. - Image credit: @Employee936 on X.

Firstly, I am going on record to say that I am not suicidal, I am not on any medication, and I am not depressed. I am happy and very active. I have always been a thinker, and a seeker of truth. I am one whom follows the synchronicities to get a clearer understanding for the fulfillment of my divine plan, my true life's purpose. The research and ultimate knowing has brought me here today. I ask that you read, and if you feel there may be some semblance of truth, please research for yourself. Shalom ve'ahava.

There are only 2 skeletons. You either have a male skeleton or a female skeleton. Males and females walk/run differently due to how the legs are connected to the pelvic. - Image credit: @Employee936 on X.

Symbolism will be their downfall.
“Every secret you have kept will become known. What you have whispered in hidden places, will be shouted from the house tops.” - The Lost Gospel of Q

Elite Gender Inversion (EGI) is based on the law of Baphomet which states" Do everything opposite to God". The whole system of Satan is based on Inversion. It asserts that a secret group of global elites are covertly transgender. We say "elite" because this sect of society has access to drugs the average person cannot afford. A lifetime of required treatments that often start from conception itself. Hollywood is the propaganda tool for the continuation of superficial pleasures, instant gratification, social issues, mass psychogenic illness, hysteria, depression, and other types of mental illness.

Shapeshifting/Mind meld/Clones/EGI -- The Fallen Angels, are here.

Video credit: @Domeguy62 on X

Truth is not always welcomed, especially when it challenges the status quo or threatens comfort zones. Our enemy is know longer trying to hide itself, step up and 'become' your own savior. They were here in the beginning and will ride until the last judgement.

Image credit:@DariusVolket on X.

As the Roman poet Juvenal said around 100 AD:

"The people that once bestowed commands, consulships, legions, and all else, now concerns itself no more, and longs eagerly for just two things: bread and circuses." -- Roman poet Juvenal.

In these writings, I am not saying or implying there is anything wrong with being transgender. I love and respect all people, regardless of their lifestyle. What I am saying is there is something deeply concerning when we have politicians from all over the world, celebrities, news correspondents, CEO's of large companies, elite Athletes pretending to be born a certain sex when they were born the opposite.

This is the missing link...

Let this sink in, when you find yourself binge watching a show on Netflix over the weekend,  or going to the movies with your bestie to see the sequel of a favorite show, when you find yourself idolizing your favorite hip hop or pop singer, what's that rapper you love so much that performed on a stage in the shape of an upside down cross?

Image credit: The Son of Man on X.

Yes, that one. When you are gazing at the most handsome man you have ever seen on the big screen, please note, that hunk of a man with those pearly whites and protruding abs, yes, that guy with the petite size skull, whom walks with an distinct angled gait, was born female. 

Idris Elba and Denzel Washington - Image credit: The Son of Man on X

The Diva you strive to emulate, you know the Victoria secrets model that recently got her big break in movies, with the slanted forehead and square jawline with the perfect boobs? Yep, that one...she was born male.

Saweetie fails the Forensic tests/Bio male skull/ 5x the MALE gait/straight legs/knees together/feet forwards. Image credit: The Son of Man on X.

Yes, and the big secret behind Victoria's Secret, is that all those women were born male.

Keira Christina Knightley - Image credit: Getty


The tools used to mislead us include: HRT (hormone replacement therapy), hormone blockers, puberty blockers, HGH (human growth hormone), surgeries, makeup, clothing, etc. Study the photographic evidence. See and learn for yourself.

According to folklore, Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom was purportedly born male. Victoria (Alexandrina Victoria) was Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland from June 20, 1837 until her death, January 22, 1901. Her reign of 63 years and 216 days, which was longer than any of her predecessors, and was known as the Victorian era.

Queen Victoria - Image credit: Wikipedia

The "Victoria's" are really Victors

There are seven main reasons why transvestigators believe the Victoria Secret models were born male.

  1. hand size

  2. hip-to-waist ratio

  3. the square jaw

  4. the Adam's apple 

  5. the pelvis

  6. the walk 

  7. skeletal kinesiology

Victoria Secret Models - Image credit: Getty

Yes, my friends, while you were sleeping they have fooled generation after generation with their demented gender switching traditions. Most are inverted at birth, others that make it into the limelight for whatever reason are presented with more fame and money they could ever dream of. Their families are told limited information, made to sign Non Disclosure Agreements, and given small stipends over the course of time. They are not permitted to speak about their sister Shanequa, being whisked into Hollywood to undergo hormone replacement therapy, hormone blockers, puberty blockers, human growth hormones, surgeries, makeup, training, etc -- where lil Shanequa is now known to the world as Nico, the hottest R&B singer, with an adonis belt that would make even Tyrese Gibson look like a real boy.

If Nico plays his cards right, his offspring will become part of this sick cult and be inverted from birth.

Image credit: The Son of Man on X

For all intense and purposes, Nico appears male, but she still has all her female reproductive organs. Once he is paired with his mate by his handlers with someone that is already part of the click, they can begin to plan out their very public, traumatic lives. Marriage and then quite possibly, the very public display of fake baby bumps on his beloved, divorce and back again. What the public doesn't know is, its Nico that is actually carrying the baby.

Britany Spears - Image credit: X

This is part of their religion, which is to pervert and invert God's creation. To express opposition to Christianity and its values. They seek to destroy all things good on earth.

Image credit: The Son of Man on X

They look down on us, including trans people in regular society, who are used as pawns.

"They Live"

It goes back to Babylon and Baphomet worship, during the reign of Nebuchadnezzar II., who ruled from 605 to 562 BCE. During this period, Babylon was the largest and wealthiest city in the world. Many were changed in utero, causing freemartinism. The child, and or young adult would then be groomed and pushed out into the public eye in media, entertainment, business or politics.

Image credit: Getty

The 1988 cult classic 'They Live' was a documentary about a group of elitist controlling the world government, the banking system, the media, food, supply chains, and our minds with mass hypnosis and programming. The aliens were used as allegory.

Roddy Piper tweeted "They Live is a documentary" in 2013, 25 years after it's original release. He passed away from high blood pressure two years later.

For thousands of years, elite circles have practiced a secretive religion centered around androgyny and gender inversion. This ancient cult, rooted in the worship of Cybele and Baphomet, promised divine transformation and super natural powers to those who crossed the gender boundary.

Gender transition was possible in the classical world, and in the sphere of performance. What enabled such performances to be made public, and accorded certain individuals the legitimacy to cross boundaries, was a divine nature or a deep, close contact with the divine sphere.

Transgender enactment in classical antiquity was thus a way of claiming superhuman powers and capacities in the public domain. But whenever the public at whom the performance was aimed did not recognize such superhuman qualities, the transition would fail and the boundary crosser would appear as a rather ridiculous figure, falling back in derogatory "transgender discourse." The claim to legitimacy implied if the act end in failure, while the act itself, whatever the outcome, is not a way of weakening the border crossed, but rather of reinforcing and underlining it.

The general consequence of transition performances, both the successful and the failed ones, is a process of territorialization, that is a strong and clear cut definition of spheres and boundaries. This form of self representation is not only literary, since an inscription from cyzicus dating from 46 BCE represents a priest in a female dress celebrating rites in the hour of the Great Mother of the Gods.

Inscription from Cyzicus 46 BCE

"The priests has turned into women and the women turned into men"

Priests in antiquity. Cyzicus 46 BCE

There is a passage from Cypress which outlines how both male and females cro

ss-dressed during rites for an androgynous divinity assimilated with Aphrodite. According to the Plutarchs, Life of Theseus, a rite existed whereas men even simulated birth pangs, referring to ritual cross dressing. 

Beyonce fake baby bump collapse - Image credit: Getty

Transitioning was possible for deities, or is enacted by deities who can change the gender of animals and humans, as well as themselves.

In most cases the gods are androgynous, in the sense of "a choice " of one sex or the other, and not the simultaneous possession of both.

Meghan Markle's fake baby bump caught on camera. - Image credit: Getty

This gender reassignment is allowed, achieved and guaranteed through the intervention of the goddess, herself. So, androgyny gives them super powers.

Sofia Boutella fails the Forensic tests/Bio male skull/ 5x the MALE gait/straight legs/knees together/feet forwards - Image credit: The Son of Man on X.

These are their religious beliefs, which they practice faithfully.

Kim Kardashian - Check out the Adams Apple. - Image credit: Getty

Roman Law did not accept change enacted by the priests in 77 BCE. Genucias, a eunuch priest did not receive an inheritance because legally he could not be considered either a man or a woman.

In Euripides Bacchae, Dionysus, as a god, can cross the boundary, but for Pentheus, who does not recognize him as a god, he merely appears feminine. When Pentheus asks, the god what did it look like? You claim you saw him clearly? The god unrecognized by the King, answers, he looked as he wished to look, I had no say in the matter.

The subsequent punishment is quite obvious: Pentheus himself must cross dress, after losing his mind, so that the city can laugh at him, since he breaks the social rules acceptable for a king. The chorus defines him as a ludicrous imitator of women.

Image credit: LA Progressive

He worries about his dress and his hair, but this represents cross-dressing, rather than a gender switch, since he clearly says that he is a man. Nonetheless it must be underlined that in his folly, once Pentheus is in woman's clothes, he is convinced he has acquired supernatural powers. This is again connected to the divine properties associated with crossing the gender boundary.

There are two points at stake here, the role of the divine sphere as author and guarantor of the gender change; and at the same time, the necessity that this change be recognized and accepted by the public.

Celebrity men in drag, Tom Hanks and Patrick Swayze,

Image credit: Getty

When the public fails to acknowledge the enacted change, social censorship intervenes in activating once more the denigrating transgender discourse.

Eddie Redmayne, Image credit: The Danish Girl (2015)

This is what is going on today, and is as simple as practicing one's own religion. To them, androgyny brings about divine transformation, becoming godlike. They communicate with their gods through a gateway or portal. Veiled in secrecy, but in plain sight.

Wesley Snipes, Image credit: To Wong Foo,

Thanks for Everything! (1995)

Dustin Hoffman, Image credit: Tootsie (1982)

They realize that the public will not accept them as they truly are, so a performance is therefore enacted on the world stage.

Cillian Murphy, Image credit: Breakfast on Pluto (2005)

Look closely, all of the first ladies of the United States were born male, and raised as if they were female. Their entire life is lived pretending to be naturally born women.

Michelle Obama, Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton, Barbara Bush, Rosalynn Carter, Image credit: Getty

Like ALL of the "First Ladies" of the United States before them, Michelle Obama, Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton, Barbara Bush and Rosalynn Carter was born male and raised as a female.

What do you see? Analyze closely, all of your leading actresses were born male. We all have been hoodwinked.

Elitists have been transforming their sons into daughters and their daughters into sons for centuries. The deception of the transgender agenda and the impact on the human psyche is unparalleled, however, humanity can come back from this whole. Please wake up now.

The Kardashians - all inverted - Image credit: Getty

Helen of Greece. No photoshop to soften features, raw and unedited. -- Image credit: X

The eyes are the windows of the soul. Notice the shape differences of the eye sockets. Note the difference in distances between the eyes. The male eyes are further apart, whereas the female eyes are closer together. See the mouth size delta. The chins; square vs point.

Who has been your favorite leading actor in a action and or drama?

Who is your best TV anchor? Who should win for best leading male in a comedy?

'Glee's' Lea Michelle. Hollywood expires many of its EGI actresses at 30 years old, before their testosterone dump hits and thickens the musculature and jawline. It's not ageism, as they led you to believe, but a self preservation tactic to keep the illusion alive.

When actresses get ripped easily, be suspicious. Natalie Port(MAN). Yes, they like to put it in your face.

Image credit: Getty

Kevin Durant fails the Forensic Tests/Bio female Skull match/5x the female gait/legs crossed/1 foot behind the other/1x flamingo foot #forensics #CSI #Egi 

Taylor too? Image credit: The Son of Man on X

In our modern world we see correlations with rituals happening in plain sight on the world stage.

John Cena - Humiliation ritual at the Oscars 2024. - Image credit: The Academy

John Cena - Hey girl hey! (JC code) fails the forensic tests. Bio female skull match/6x the female gait, legs crossed, one foot behind the other. -- Image credit: The Son of Man on X

Tina Turner - Image credit: Getty

Vin Diesel - Invert and proud. Image credit: MTV

Will Smith performs a ritual on the world stage for his master. It's all in the family.

Through propaganda, society has become more accepting of diverse gender identity and expressions, which has allowed this cult to gain traction. Through the influence of media and entertainment androgyny has been popularized through its representation in movies, music, fashion and politics.

I am being very generous when I say 97% of the people you see on the world stage are inverted. Yes, practically every man you see on Tele(vision) was born female and every woman was born male. Gender inversion is their secret, and it has been going on in their families for thousands of years.

Melinda Gates - Image credit: Getty

When all politicians and others on the world stage are gender reversed, it is not surprising that ALL governments around the world promote the LGBTQIA community. 

Jay Z and Bey(once) - Once a boy, anagram. Image credit: Getty

Transgender dynamics are not transcultural dynamics, they do not lead to creation in the general sense. The Baphomets create incredibly passable inverts, and it is easy to understand that 99.5% of people have no idea, no awareness of what they are looking at on Television.

In 2024 everything is politically driven, with many politicians and activists using transgender movements to promote their ideologies and gain support from certain demographics.

In recent years celebrities like Charlize Theron has embraced both her adopted son's wishes, as the two came out as transgender at a young age. "She looked at me when she was three years old and said: 'I am not a boy!"

Charlize Theron, her adopted daughter and Sean Penn. - Image credit: Getty

Candace Owens - Controlled opposition - Image credit X

Young children are being used as pawns to promote Hollywood's sick agendas. They are used as a marketing tool to create buzz and attract attention to certain projects and or individuals.

Humanity is once again Awakening...

It is clear to people familiar with Elite Gender Inversion, EGI, that most, if not all, major celebrities (actors, musicians, singers, dancers, comedians, elite athletes), politicians (presidents, governors, judges, legislators) CEO's (and other high level business executives) and even the people who deliver the news are covertly transgender.

Through their influence, these fallen angels and their descendants desire to transform  and invert our world negatively, distort spiritually, and defile biologically, all into something akin to their own image and they do it through deception. It's a multi-generational practice going on for thousands of years.

Relation to the Nephilim, the Fallen Angels...

According to the Book of Enoch, the Nephilim are the offspring of the "sons of God" (interpreted by some as fallen angels) and human women. In the Book of Enoch, these "sons of God" are called the Watchers. The ancient text describes how a group of 200 fallen angels descended to Earth and procreated with human women, giving birth to the Nephilim.

Fall of the Rebel Angels, carved out of a single piece of marble in 1740 by Italian sculptor Agostino Fasolato, it depicts 60 fallen angels. Image credit: X

The Nephilim are described as giants who consumed the resources of the earth and caused great corruption and violence.

Good Angel/Bad Angel

The Book of Enoch also provides more information about the fallen angels themselves. It describes the Watchers as androgynous, and expounds on how they taught humans forbidden knowledge; including the arts of war, magic, and astrology. This knowledge led to further chaos among humans, in-turn the fallen angels are punished for their actions. They are bound and imprisoned, and their offspring, the Nephilim, are destroyed in the Great Flood, according to the text. In Numbers, they are described as being among the inhabitants of Canaan that the Israelites encountered. The Anakim who inhabited the land of Canaan were also descendants of the Nephilim.

Sandra Bullock - Image credit: Getty

Michelle Obama aka Michael Robinson - Image credit: The Son of Man on X

Today, they are here on earth. 

Learn Anatomy...

Males and females have distinct skeletal features and proportions that we are able to use to differentiate between the sexes.

Unfortunately this natural ability and knowledge in distinguishing between male and female has been programmed out of us. It’s not a coincidence that they don’t teach anatomy as a standard in schools. All we learn in school are the differences in reproductive organs, yet the skeleton is the primary indicator of sex.

Study the skeletal markers, and the differences between male and female skeletons. Skeletons don't lie. Once you see it you can't unsee it.

Image credit: X

Transvestigation is a formal investigation into whether a celebrity, public figure, or politician is secretly transgender. It's conducted by analyzing a person's appearance and anatomical structure. A indirect inquiry to determine the assigned sex of an individual, primarily through forensic  science. 

Forensic anthropologists and transvestigators use several physical characteristics to determine the sex of a skeleton. A few include:

1. Pelvis: The shape and size of the pelvis are key indicators of sex. The female pelvis is generally wider and shallower than the male pelvis, with a wider sub-pubic angle and a larger pelvic inlet.

2. Skull: The male skull is generally larger and more robust than the female skull. The brow ridges are more pronounced in males, and the jaw is more angular.

3. Femur: The angle of the femur (thigh bone) is different between males and females. The angle is more obtuse in females due to the wider pelvis.

4. Other bones: The size and shape of other bones, such as the humerus (upper arm bone), radius (forearm bone), and tibia (shin bone), can also provide clues about the sex of the individual.

5. Muscle attachments: The attachment points for muscles on the bones can be more pronounced in males due to their typically larger muscle mass.

6. Bone density: In general, male bones are denser and thicker than female bones.

Hollywood and its Symbolism

Image credit: AmurakaHidden on X.

Did you know the name ‘Hollywood’ is derived from the holly tree? 

The Holly Tree was used by Druids to create magic wands, rods & staffs. The character of Merlin from King Arthur was a druidic wizard and he used a wand made of Holly Wood.

Hollywood is an Inversion of Druidic Principles, using the 'Darker Side of the Force' to shape and Mold the Minds of the Masses. 

Hollywood films are forms of sorcery using psychology, subliminal messages, and manifestation through what is called 'Lesser Magic' and Bewitchment. Cinema is a Form of Subliminal Mind Control.

Today HOLLY+WOOD uses films as a way of spell-casting on the unsuspecting viewers.

Perception is Reality.... ?

Over the years I have covered the Oscars, and it has always reminded me of Egypt in antiquity. The larger than life statues made of gold. It all goes back to Cain and Abel. 

Did you know that the design of the Oscar statue is an Art Deco version of the ancient Egyptian god Ptah, who was responsible for creating images, crafts, and artisans?

The term 'Oscar' is also believed to originate from the Egyptian god Osiris, who ruled the underworld and was associated with the constellation Orion. 

Margot Robbie - Fake baby bump- Image credit: X

“Synchronicity: A meaningful coincidence of two or more events where something other than the probability of chance is involved.” – Carl Jung

Thoughts? Please share below in the comments.

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