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It can be discouraging to realize the true depth of corruption that takes place in the political sphere and beyond. Everywhere we turn, terrible people seem to run rampant. It must seem to some, like there is no hope.

But this is an illusion.

The world is made up of good-hearted people. It is made up of people, all over it, who want nothing more than to thrive together and enjoy the time they are given. The issue is that minute ruling classes of people give a misperception of authority to terrible patterns of behavior.

The purpose of a government, at heart, is to simply delegate resources effectively to better safeguard the progress of any community of people under it. They are not the creators of your wealth, nor are uniquely integral to it's function. They are an interchangeable form of decision making designed to give consensus and then direct.

This is true whether it is a schoolboard, or a meeting of the UN.

If you had a schoolboard that wanted to send your children into endless wars, you would likely take issue with it. If you had a schoolboard who wanted to enslave 1 out of every 100 of your children and lock them away in a concrete cell and force them into making weapons for war for your other children to use, you would likely have an issue with that.

But because your perception of what is being done to you is so soundly manipulated, from the moment you are born you are ushered into accepting the cage in which you exist, you really are searching for answers in a very dark place. The minute ruling class has had an incredible advantage. They control the loudspeaker, and the manipulation of your perception is done at every level imaginable. There are, as a matter of simple fact, whole international agencies whose sole purpose is the management of your perception of events (NATO SCCE for example, openly declares it's work in this). Your media, your music, your everything, is tailored by those who are all beholden to the same golden calf of endless capitalism and the same corporatist umbrella agency that drives it all forward.

So when you look at events around you, it is good to stop for a moment and think about the confines of the cage in which you exist. How your perception has been pre-shaped for you simply by virtue of where you live.

In order to dismantle a cage, after all, it helps to readily see it. People are worth fighting for. Worth waking up, and you are never alone in this fight. Don't become discouraged by knowledge. Realizing the true nature and expanse of what we are up against is the only way to rise up and overcome it together. Via

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