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Foundation, Apple Tv series excerpt: Season 1, Episode 9 (predictive programming)

Ask a historian, "what was mankind's greatest invention?
The wheel?
The sword?
I would argue it's history itself. History isn't fact. It's narrative, one carefully curated and shaped under the pen strokes of the "right" scribe, a villain becomes a hero, a lie becomes truth.

So, I ask you to ponder this....

Salvor: Where did people come from in the beginning?
Abbas: There are lots of different theories. Most of them say that humans originally inhabited a single planetary system.
Salvor: Only one?
Abbas: And we don't even know which. Sirius, Alpha Centaur, some people think we came from Earth. Come here, come my child.
Salvor: So everyone we know about, they also came from the same place? Anacreons and Thespins too?
Abbas: Anacreons and Thespins too, yes.
Salvor: Then how can they hate us?
Abbas: Being human is complicated, Sal. We share the same origin and some of the same myths. But, seemingly ...we are governed by the mind. In here...our brains --- is all the capacity for "rational thinking." The mind shares skull space with our emotions. And sometimes emotions scream louder than what we call "logic." In all the chaos somebody's emotion got real insistent that the Empire were doing a disservice to humanity. So purportedly, these individuals blew up the star bridge.
Yes, violence is to some the last refuge.
Salvor: So, they're not like us at all then, right?
Abbas: It gets loud up inside here too, (your head), doesn't it?
Salvor: I guess it does.
Abbas: Here's the thing Sal, millions of people died when that star bridge went down...and the Empire killed many millions more on Ancreon and Thespis.
Salvor: Who won?
Abbas: Nobody.
Salvor: Nobody?
Abbas: And that's how we know that the fall is bound to happen. Past behavior is the best predictor of future performance.

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