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Lourdes Baron Follows Her Muse with Barry White’s ‘Love’s Theme’

Five albums in, Lourdes Baron seems destined to establish herself alongside the top tier of today’s most expressive soulful singers. It’s a quick ascent to be sure, especially since her debut album Feeling Good At Any Age was released only four years ago. Nevertheless, given its flood of rave reviews and the anticipation for what would follow, this sultry chanteuse clearly has craft and charisma needed to sustain her momentum.

Which is the reason we are here.

In a move many of us music fanatics didn’t see coming, Lourdes Baron and her award winning producer, Haguy Mizrahi of Gemini Musiq, resurrects “Barry White” to bring forth ‘a-new’ spin on his signature song, Love’s Theme - and it is magical.

An artist is more than a voice, and hearing these two songsters in sync brings the beauty of sound alive, again.

In her notes for the single, Lourdes writes: "It was a very powerful and moving experience to sing with Barry. "The lyrics speak to me and touch my soul. I'm certain that the lyrics spoke to Barry in much the same way."

Baron’s voice has always been a triumph of sheer belting power over flexibility and her rendition of “Love’s Theme’ quivers with genuine emotion.

The singers seductive and suggestive sound takes on a tone and timbre all its own with a smooth delivery creating an alluring appeal that encourages an audience to lean in and listen.

Love's Theme maintains a nocturnal ambiance, a sound that is well in keeping with a spirited inclination. Smooth and supple; both voices manages to create an emphatic impression simply by manipulating the mood, veering from sensual and suggestive one minute to playful the next. The upbeat appeal of the melodies with its bouncy 70's Euro disco rhythm, funky, smooth jazz style adds a decidedly dazzling appeal to a song that is without a doubt - 'a lovers anthem', no matter the year, nor our movement ...time or space wooers find themselves in. 

“It’s our time,” she belts.

But the heart of Love’s Theme is the palpable sense of the crooners in motion and Barry is more than a subjective memory, thanks to Lourdes.

On the cusp of 72 now, having successfully made the case for her breadth of style, Lourdes is free to follow her muse where it leads.

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