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Heavy Censorship regarding the Radiation in Khmelnytskyi, Ukrainian - from a Friend

On May 13, a Russian drone hit an ammunition warehouse in Khmelnytskyi. The subsequent giant explosion of the stored munitions, not unlike a nuclear explosion, with a logical probability also consumed a substantial part, if not the entire stockpile of shells with depleted uranium, supplied by Great Britain. Claims Russians and thanks to law awareness of the event in the mainstream, panic is brewing.

If you type "radiation in Khmelnytskyi" in Ukrainian into the browser, you will not learn anything. Supposedly “in the norm”, but no parameters. The rest is supposedly Russian trolling. If you put in Czech media “An explosion in Chmelnickij” - you won't find out anything specific.

If there were also depleted uranium (which correspond to the typical shape of the explosion shared by even mainstream media and with the UK and NATO proklamation about this subject: BBC: “…The UK Ministry of Defence confirmed it would provide Kyiv the armour-piercing rounds alongside Challenger 2 tanks but insisted they had a low radiation risk. Depleted uranium "is a standard component and has nothing to do with nuclear weapons", the MoD said.”

Then… if Challenger 2 tansk are in Ukraine there have to be misiles for them too… and we do not know where…

Then… if we see the precision with which Russia is able to attack ammunition depots, it doesn't matter to us in Eastern Europe where they are located in Ukraine.

So what is important: “ due to the willingness of uranium to catch fire at high temperature, a relatively significant part of the radioactive material of the uranium missiles probably evaporated due to the high pressure and temperature during the explosion. Russian sources claims: “The evidence is a sudden increase in radioactivity in the city and its surroundings (from 80-100 nSv to 140-160 nSv), spreading due to the prevailing wind direction in the westerly direction.”

On the contrary of Ukraian sources, which obviously (ar also) do not tell truth.

What is clear, whatever was in this warehouse the explosion occurred 450 km east of the Slovak and Polish borders.

We remember exactly this: when the accident in Chernobyl (which is 350 km from Khmelnytskyi) the information process by then mainstream runned he same way: nothing or lies. As for the contaminated Ukrainian grain that went into circulation in Czech stores two weeks ago, Czech government did again informed nothing or lied.

We know how about Durham report about Biden’s engagement on Ukraine and about Nordsream politic I do not speak at all)

(Czech alternative sources report zero radiation now)

And for those who remember WWII arise other associations…

It is not the first time that London directs military operations in Eastern Europe

Here in the east.

In one of the previous posts, I wrote about the eastern part of Germany, which is the top destination for AirBnB experiential excursions on the topic of "how to induce chronic depression in a three-hour residential tour," regardless of the fact that the apartment in Jena gets a parking space in a socialist garage.

This dark mass of PTSD still lies all over Eastern Europe today, claiming territory for our life stories, no matter how fast and how far we try to escape.

Wherever we try to hide, the Eastern European war in Ukraine is escalating. Citizens of even the richest countries in Europe already live in the zone of working poverty.

The long-provoked war is costing billions, killing more and more Ukrainians and now threatening arms donors:

"Ammunition for Leopard and Marder tanks was destroyed after an attack by the Russian Air Force in Khmelnytskyi. There was also cargo from Denmark, Germany, Italy and Japan worth 200-220 million euros. In addition to ammunition, satellite communication systems, military tablets and data encryption systems worth 83 million euros were also destroyed...

Why they send it there…in the time of satellites…we are so close….”

The protests of European citizens against the war were drowned in the civil war. Whoever supports peace is a traitor.

Then, after a year of seemingly endless war, national European governments began to give in somewhat to pressure from citizens.

And finally, in April, the Washington Post published Zelensky's well-known hysterical fits, for example when, in one of his cocaine binges, he threatened to destroy, for example, the Druzhba oil pipeline, which supplies gas to the Czech Republic and Slovakia, or he planned attacks on Russia with NATO weapons. (published by a member of the US Air Force , who is now in prison).

At the same time, the material claims of the Bidens in Ukraine began to be resolved, and finally the US-paid bio laboratories in Ukraine, which we have known about since 2014, at least after the visit of Obama and Nuland to Ukraine and the provoked Maidan, became official.

And then… it came

Zelensky's May tour:

"After Zelensky's unexpected visit to Paris" Emmanuel Macron promises Ukraine more tanks and armored vehicles. "

The UK is sending Storm Shadow medium-range missiles to Ukraine. The prime minister of a country that, after an artificially induced panic and a country decimated by martial law, has no bread for its own people, fired rockets into a country that has no soldiers to go to war.

Other news comes from the EU center itself: "According to the IMF, Ukraine needs at least 115 billion dollars - who should pay for the help? The finance ministers of the G7 countries promised Ukraine further financial support. Where the money will come from in the long term is not yet clear.”

Why? What caused the turn of Europe's top European politicians? A 180 degree turn, the same turn we watched Donald Trump or Boris Johnson take on covid policy three years ago? Why is Macron acting not only against the will of the French citizens, but also clearly against his own (compare his dealings with Putin in February 2022).

Why is he subsequently talking like a fool about Russia actually being at war with China? Is he trying to calm his conscience with the construct that Russia would have lost even without his help?

Or does he want to silence nagging associations that the idiot meat grinder in Bachmut resonates with the battles of Verdun and the Somme in the First World War? Or has he chosen to remain silent on the fact that the men who are running this war, in Moscow, Kiev and Washington, show no will to negotiate?

What message did Zelensky bring to Europe that its leaders so suddenly turned around?

Who is this Ukrainian Stalin anyway?

Do the investigations of, for example, Greg Hallett about the background of WWII resonate with you? Do you see the comments? At the time his papers were published, their reception was skeptical. In the time of covid, readers returned to them. Now, after the coronation of Charles III, they are gathering menacing power:

Compromised politicians puppets in the hands of the deep state and newly advanced technologies used for monstrous purposes. For the purposes of war, which is breaking out of its conventional restraints.

Poland and the last months of the war:

Regardless of the current bank transfers, the historical fact is that the most soldiers and civilians died in the last nine months of World War II.

If you remember, during my last trip through Europe, I wrote about the battles in Belgium (Battle of the Scheldt River). About a battle where children, old men and the wounded ended a war in which 70 million people died. Sticks and sticks.

I wrote about the war in Holland (Operation Garden Market for bridges over the Rhine). Another insane military battle that was supposed to satisfy the psychopathic ambitions of politicians and generals with "the largest airborne operation in history," in the fall of 44. In which British General Montgomery had British paratroopers jump practically right next to the elite German Waffewn SS divisions, helping the overall balance of 1 7 thousands dead in this one battle.

As for us in Eastern Europe, it looks like Poland is fighting for Eastern Europe in Ukraine.

Not only judging by the fact that the only concert of Roger Waters' "This is not a Drill" world tour was canceled in Krakow, Poland. (Frankfurt and Hamburg failed with this ban). Krakow City Hall's reason: Waters allegedly supports Putin.

It is not the first time that Poland sees its enemies on both sides of its borders as suicidal. Just before Russia's invasion of Ukraine, in February 2022, Poland was opening old WWII war wounds with Germany: "Poland pressures Germany on 1.3 trillion euro war reparations", read the newspaper headlines.

Now the same Poland blames Germany for not supplying Ukraine with more weapons: "Polish leader hits Germany over Ukraine over Ukraine support said:" Poland asks Germany to overhaul spending rules and spur massive military investment."

Even under this pressure, Germany promised another 3 billion dollars in war aid to Kiev.

That is also why, if you allow, I would like to devote my thoughts now to Warsaw and the Poles.

"Catholic brothers" as we Orthodox used to say. For us Czechs, Poland is the northern bridge between Germans and Ukrainians/Russians.

To be sure, I will remind you in advance that there is no "Visegrad", i.e. common policy of Eastern European countries. On the contrary. The Poland-Czech borders are still full of disputes over war claims and mutual contempt, solidarity from the communist era has turned into competition and political bickering. Unlike the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary reject European norms, Slovakia does pay in Euros, but that's where the pro-Brussels government fell (including because of Ukraine), and Romania and Bulgaria are the Balkans for this part of Europe. Part of Ukraine was Slovak after the war, our family has land on the border with Ukraine, while Slovakia is connected with Hungarians for better or worse, just like Ukrainians with Russians.

Eastern European intellectuals not paid by the government consider Russia a part of European history, culture and future, many people left to live in Moscow before ukraina war, after all, half of the emigration from Ukraine in the last year was to Russia. (From Ukraine, which had 51 million people at the time of the collapse of the USSR, 6 million Ukrainians emigrated by 2021, the most a year before the outbreak of the war. Since the outbreak of the war, 2.8 million Ukrainians have emigrated to Russia, Russia claims that this is half of the total number refugees, the west claims it is a third.

The important thing is that, as senseless as every war is, this one takes place on the platform of the same absurdity as if there was a war between Czechs and Slovaks.

"Without truth, freedom is not freedom. It is even unfreedom.” John Paul II.

If something unites Eastern Europe, it is not a calculus or a miscalculation by politicians, but an unspoken trauma.

If you remember the quote by the German philosopher Theodor W. Adorno: "After (the Polish concentration camp) Auschwitz, you can no longer write poems", then after watching Wajd's Channels you will complete it with: "After the Warsaw Uprising, you can't go to war again."

I personally remember my visit to Warsaw in June 1999. I was officially on an internship at Carrefour, where I worked as a director. It was three days after the visit of Pope John Paul II. For us in Eastern Europe, where Christianity and priests were severely persecuted by the Communists, he was "our Pope". (Some mystical teachers have spoken of his deep internal splitting, in which one half of his face belonged to his previous incarnation of "Enoch" and the other was distorted by "the Vatican," but we do not operate at this flight level now.)

I will never forget how I felt then from Warsaw's Old Town Square in Marienstadt, where John Paul II celebrated mass. Unmistakable vibrations of deep reconciliation and peace passed through me.

Reconciliation beyond reconciliation with Germans and communists, because spiritual reconciliation with oneself Reconciliation of Pole with Pole. I felt the power of the Polish faith and Catholic prayer, and as a citizen of the atheist Czech Republic, I was jealous of it. However we view the Pope and the Catholic Church through the lens of today's knowledge, this event was profoundly therapeutic.

In Warsaw, deep mystical meditation was fatally necessary. Because not only from the streets, i.e. the remnants of Warsaw, which before the uprising was called Paris East, but above all from the Warhaw underground, the victims of uprising are still screeming today. Not poosible to calm them. Because it´s a child cry.

A few words of respect to our Polish brothers and sisters:

While the brothers and sisters of the United States have their war veterans from the wars fought in the 20th century before their eyes, and in the streets of drug addicts and squatters, they can ask themselves whether it is better to fall or survive on this planet, we Europeans, we Eastern Europeans who have been taught and forced into silence for a generation, we have this question carved into the building blocks of our cities and streets.

Or, more precisely, what's left of them.

Or more precisely: in what lies beneath them.

If in my essay on Prague I followed the traces of medieval Central Europe and the Thirty Years' War, then even at the beginning of the twentieth century on historical maps we can see how the borders of Poland, Austria-Hungary, Ukraine and Russia freely flowed into each other. Just as political agreements and peace negotiations have chronically ended in the fires of war.

Arms flowed through the Czech lands and Poland from Russia already during the Thirty Years' War - back then to help European Protestants. During the First World War, Russia rushed to the aid of the Entente, and during the Second World War, the Russians made the greatest sacrifice (27 million out of a total of 70 million dead). When right now is a good time to remember that out of 5.8 million fallen soldiers of the Red Army, 1.4 million were Ukrainians.

Like the Russians and Ukrainians, they sat on the same tank that occupied Prague in 1968.

Moreover, in all Eastern European countries, decimated by the horror of the First World War,through hunger, poverty, famine and the Spanish flu epidemic, despite the movement for independence from Habsburg and Vatican Vienna, the ideas of Marx's Manifesto and the victorious revanchism of Soviet communism grew stronger.

Warsaw Uprising:

In 1944, the Polish government-in-exile based in London ruled the Polish Land Army from afar, with which it planned to liberate Poland before it fell to Stalin. Thus, with the earl's advice from exile, Polish politicians instilled in the decimated, starving and unarmed Poles in Warsaw a goal: to liberate Warsaw from the Nazis before the Red Army arrived.

The plan was pointless from A to Z. The Land Army had only one - the German enemy, who was also outnumbered and outgunned. In addition to the German occupiers, the Land Army fought the Polish communists, while, for example, the most important Polish port of Gdańsk was fascist. Only idiots live in a black and white world and only psychopaths wage wars to make bearable a world that is incomprehensible to them. In this case, national oligarchs, connected to international power and banking systems. Just like today in Ukraine.

Yes, as far as politics is concerned, the government-in-exile and the Land Army operated on the basis of the 22,000 murdered officers and Polish intelligentsia that occurred in the Soviet concentration camps at the hands of the NKDV right at the beginning of the war, in the trauma of Katyn. Plus, in 1944, the Land Army had an unfortunate example in the Russian-liberated Ljubljana, which became the capital of communist Poland - which, of course, were the Poles themselves. And in addition: of course, we all know how soldiers behave in the conquered territories and therefore how they behave now, for example, in Kharkiv and Mariupol. But today we also know that it was not only the Russians and the Red Army, that even the New York Times wrote in 2019 about how the US government was recruiting soldiers for the war in Europe under the promise, among other things, "that they will be able to rape the French."

Yes, we live on a planet where "everyone has something for everyone" and ... we are unable to behave accordingly. Not even with such vivid memories:


From London, the Polish uprising was a matter of dragging pieces around the table, in Warsaw it was a massacre, as it is today in Bakhmut, Ukraine. According to the plan of the insurgents, in August 1944 the Poles had 10 days for the uprising - they had no more weapons, food or people. As always in life, the Warsaw Uprising also had variables, which are called indeterminacy.

- The Red Army returned the favor to the insurgents by halting their advance just outside Warsaw and not supplying the Poles with any weapons or supplies. - The Germans learned of the uprising in advance and essentially foiled the insurgent plan to immediately occupy the airfield and strategic objectives an hour before the uprising began.

- And the allies who planned the uprising discreetly apologized, and the Warsaw Uprising became a huge improvisation for 35 thousand Poles - the insurgents.

Again and typically, we follow the archetype that we live now in the gap between "center" and "periphery".

That is, a war provoked by psychopaths who (in one perspective of the perception of their actions) do not have developed frontal lobes with which they could plan and manage the challenges of indeterminacy and thus improvise. The second front of the endless war consists of the "peripheries", who pay with their lives for the bad and parasitic decisions of the "centre". And that's regardless of how viable an effort they are able to make.

The result of these two variables was the arithmetic sum of 120 to 225 thousand dead and 700 thousand homeless. (The final total of WWII in Poland was 5.8 million dead, of which 3 million were Polish Jews.)

The Warsaw canals played a key role in the uprising.

In which Polish children played a key role.

Which were small enough to crawl or float through the Warsaw underground and which gave the whole operation a magical and metaphysical echo that we still feel when walking through Warsaw today.

Not only those who deal with the Kazars know that there is one more city under the European cities.

Not only those who deal with Jungian psychology know that under the visible history there is another one, the subconscious.

If you don't want to take your excursion for another lesson in deep depression in person in Warsaw, here is a sample from the film by the brilliant Polish director Andrej Wajda,

What was before? Election or war?

The first point, i.e. that the Red Army did not help the Warsaw Uprising, was not allowed to speak in favor of communism. While today it is not appropriate to talk about the fact that even the Allies did not help 200 thousand Warsawites and 700 thousand homeless people. Although the Poles made a huge bloody exile sacrifice to the Western Allies.

Perhaps this is how we can understand current Polish politics as the reason why Poles are still not settled with WWII. And they externalize this trauma by stirring up another war conflict.

While we can at least honor the Polish exiled soldiers and heroes at their graves in the Ardennes or in Holland from the battles of the Scheldt or the Market Garden operation, they did not have this luck elsewhere.

If you remember the air battles for London in 1940, Polish pilots also played a key role there (along with the Czechs). In the end, they were not even allowed to enter Britain, they were its bad conscience. Why? During the Battle of Britain, Polish airmen destroyed more German aircraft than any other fighter unit. In a fundamental way, they contributed not only to the salvation of Britain, but also to the defeat of Nazism. The end of the war brought a shocking twist: the Allies, despite their pledges of loyalty, abandoned Poland and left it at the mercy of Stalin's Russia. Those of the airmen who returned to communist Poland often ended up in prison, others even disappeared.

We don't even know where their grave is for many.

So who is a Pole on the map of Europe, who is a Czech, who is a Ukrainian, who is a Russian? Who is German, who is Dutch, who is French? When everyone lies next to each other in European cemeteries or in European fields?

European Union? There is no such thing?

We repeatedly lost our intelligence, our elites practically generation after generation in Eastern Europe. What was not killed in the war was destroyed by the communists or went into exile.

We are still being imposed the Mephistophelian calculations of the establishment, which operates in different dimensions than those in which the trenches, today's car assembly plants, Amazon's warehouses, or Schiphol airport are located. Which wrap around us like the tentacles of a single octopus whose shoulders we can't cut off.

In Eastern Europe we are divided into parts, like everywhere else. Even during the Warsaw Pact (the military pact of USSR satellites), when a Czech general met an East European general, the Czech began to strangle him and shouted "fascist bitch." While tens of thousands of Czechs emigrated to West Germany before these generals.

There is an Eastern European branch that calls itself Pan-Slavic. It historically turns towards the east. He spins, or fools himself, or consoles himself with rumors and myths, and believes in magic that instinctively moves away from reality but that brings hope. In one singularity, it is an Eastern European variant of novocain new age, delusions that are close to sects, an aggressive smashing nationalist current. Among them, as everywhere, there is a group of individuals who do not allow themselves to be bent in one direction and grow straight up.

The other part of Eastern Europe wants to reckon with the European or globalist establishment. Logically, it is the "elected" government and the corporation that resonates with it. (in the Czech Republic, elections are burdened with the same electoral manipulations as elsewhere). This part of Eastern Europeans consciously and voluntarily follows the worst of Western know-how and history.

For example, the Czech corruption mafia with agricultural land and subsidies. Typically, Petr Krogman, formerly "United Farms", bought thousands of hectares of fields in Ukraine using the same method as German soil in the Czech Republic, the same as Monsanto in Poland. However, because he is after big players, he is left with land in the east of Ukraine, where the war is going on. That is why, together with the Czech government, he is now calling for the "liberation of Luhansk and Donbass" and thus additional billions of Czech taxpayers into the flames of war. Needless to say, against their will. A will that is kept silent again.

In the mainstream, these Eastern European states vote for Ukraine's entry into the EU. Because the corrupt people connected to their governments expect that, just like in their countries, in the countries of Eastern Europe, this Ukrainian land or war-decimated property, which they buy cheaply, will be subsidized. Again with taxpayer money from the western states of the Union, ruled by an equally calculating establishment. Today manipulable debts.

In fact, they don't care at all that this is land soaked in Ukrainian blood and destroyed by toxins and military fuel for a generation. On the contrary: the dispute over intoxicated Ukrainian grain, which, by the decision of Brussels, should end up on our counters or in transit through us, is another consequence of the same chain reaction of bad decisions made by those who are essentially powerless to make the right decisions. Just as they were not powerful in 1944.

Or the brother of Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala invested in Ukraine in a "factchecker" information project and pro-Union media. In fact, they are completely indifferent to the fact that they are not spreading the truth and thus democracy, but corporate and banking fascism.

And now these Eastern European politicians are also involved in the fact that there are no longer even free elections in Ukraine. Because Zelenskiy, like pro-war politicians, would not stand a chance.

So what came before? The election that started the war? Or a war that prevents elections?

What will be next?

Our present grows from the roots of the futility of national or continental war operations, and for thousands of years the future of humanity has been distilled from two wars. Whose water levels rise plus or minus to the same height, fed by the merciless "law of unity".

On one side is the water column of transhumanism, on the other is transformation. Transhumanism tries to escape from the "consequences of its actions" by drowning guilt and conscience in an amalgam of hybridization and cybernetics. Transformation painfully purges its guilt by delving deeper into the essence of the traumas that create the energetically emotional and informationally social and economic framework of our being.

The two sides are not pure polarities, but tribes with their roots and crowns. Which come together, in some places they grow through, in others they form a clump. The transhumanist direction has its branches "useful" AI and useful hybridization as well as transformative evolution has its scale in the power of ancient gnosis, based on the sovereignty of every living being and their mutual integration.

I think it will turn out well. Because: "God is still creating, and it is good."


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