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Updated: May 12, 2021

There are a vast number of movies that have came out the past 20 years which feature transhumanist themes. These blockbusters represent the covert/ predictive programming elements within these films that most people miss. Why has hollywood saturated the theaters with films on transhumanism? What are they preparing the masses for?
Not pseudoscience - Transhumanism is a real thing.
The transhumanism is an international movement that states that adding technological implants and inserting DNA will improve the human being. However, the transhumanists hide two subjects: the use of technological implants as a weapon against the citizen and the method they are developing their dangerous projects with. Technological implants like brain nanobots might cause humans to lose control of their mind. They can be spied on permanently with the cerebral internet and can lose their privacy, memory can be deleted as well as their identity. Thus, the humans who carry technological implants become a human slave at the service of the transnational companies and the economic powers.
An objective analysis reveals that transhumanism is only an intellectual swindle that leads to digital fascism, a society where a millionaire elite will govern citizens with technological implants, who will be digital slaves at the service of an oligarchy.

The transhumanism is promoted according to the World Transhumanism Association as a philosophy that advocates for the use of technology in order to be able to overcome our biological limitations and to transform human condition. This movement is promoted as a benefit to society, as part of the natural evolution of the human being, or an extension of humanization, and even as a "revolution."

In the video below -- Dr Carrie Madej joins journalist, Alex Newman to discuss the transhumanist agenda behind the COVID vaccines. She speaks in a very approachable and straightforward way regarding the transhumanist technologies that are being rolled out upon and within us without our informed consent.

As for SARS-CoV-2 she says, “There’s not been any Freedom of Information Act around the world that has ever produced an actual, bonafide specimen of the virus. It literally does not exist. We only have the code and that’s important to know.
“Nobody has the actual virus. Why is that? They’ve never answered that. So they can’t make the normal vaccine. It’s a recombinant code with a gene synthesis. That means they’re pushing together different types of genetic material, pushing them together like a Frankenstein puzzle and then, to fill in the missing blanks, they have an Artificial Intelligence computing program do that for them.”

What she says is that the shot contains various proteins, some found in the human placenta and sperm that can trigger an autoimmune response in the tissues that have those proteins.
So far, 18 subunits of HIV1 have been in the virus’ genetic code, causing the body to purposely produce the HIV1 virus. “Could this give you HIV or AIDS? Nobody has the answer to that. Only time will tell; years from now, we’ll know. But just know that people who have been tested for HIV after getting these vaccines…in Australia, they have been tested positive. So that is something to be very concerned about.

Also, SARS-CoV-2 (the mathematical model) contains a replica of human chromosome 8, which means that the WHO’s PCR test kits should find a positive result in all humans tested. More worryingly, chromosome 8 has to do with human intelligence and fertility. This means it could trigger an autoimmune response against a chromosome that codes for two of our most precious attributes as humans.

Pfizer and Moderna have also inserted an artificial nucleoside in the vaccine’s RNA called Pseudouridylyl or “Psi” for short, which is completely not from this world. Dr Madej says, “Nobody knows the ramifications of this…It can act as a computer hacker program. It can act as a one-way in, always to hack into the body…they say they’re suppressing our immune checkpoints so they can sneak in the code and our body won’t destroy it.
“Suppressing our immune checkpoints? Well, for how long? We need our immune system! Our immune system protects us from cancers and infections and toxins and all sorts of things…”
Dr Madej gets into a fascinating discussion of DARPA hydrogels, which contain nanobots and how these have the ability alter human genetics and create transhuman cyborgs. The military has been testing this technology for decades. It allows controllers to see through the soldiers’ eyes; they can communicate and program the brain, as well as know and “hear” the thoughts of the soldier.

The COVID nasal swabs have been studied as a delivery mechanism to deliver nano sized drugs directly into the brain. Speaking of which, here are some spectacular photos from a recent study of nasal swabs in Slovakia, which were found to deploy hydrogel-releasing hollow nylon fibers. After the DARPA hydrogel contacts organic fluids (eg saliva), the photos reveal that they quickly began to form rectangular crystal structures (apparent nano antennae). These structures were dissolved by COVID antibodies in one test and by Ivermectin in another.

The intended uses for these hydrogel nanobots include monitoring body movement, to mine a cryptocurrency based on human labor. During business owners meetings that Dr Madej attended in Atlanta, they stated plainly their intention to secretly implement this technology that can monitor and control the behavior of the populace, in conjunction with a Pavlovian social credit system and “Predictive Policing”.

Based on the meetings she attended and the scientific papers she read, the true agenda behind the vaccines is to bring about the first phase of transhumanism or what she calls “Human 2.0”, which is already being tested in West Africa, as we speak.

The entire write up and video can be found here -- >>

Please feel free to share and repost far and wide. This information needs to be known, it's paramount to everyone on earth right now.


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