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Professional Websites Starting as low as $399. Monthly maintenance may also apply.

Contact Carli B. Frueh @ 702-781-4498 to get started.

It’s been a long time since a website for business was something secondary or was only about the image. In modern realities, a website is a necessity, an obligatory point in communicating with the consumer, it is very important for a development strategy, and it cannot be ignored.

A few benefits of having a website:

  • Business development and new customers:

a high-quality website becomes a stable source of new customers in 95% of cases.

  • Flexibility in experimenting:

the website allows you to quickly carry out the experiments with analytics capabilities that are not available offline: banners, promotions, e-mail distribution, contextual advertising - seeing the results, you can quickly make changes on the site, increasing its efficiency.

  • Communication:

question and communication forms, forum, question and answer page, integration with social networks, online consultant - all these features are used as a channel for communication with potential customers.

  • Building community and brand:

building a full-fledged community around your web project using a website will strengthen your position and help you stand out from your competitors. And recommendations with links on other websites will allow you to constantly receive free referral traffic in the form of interested visitors.

  • Information support and service:

the rapid change of information on the site is possible at any time and anywhere in the world. In addition, with the help of a website, you can automate and qualitatively improve the process of ordering the products, logistics, etc. A well-thought-out automation allows you to save huge sums of money and optimize the processes of interaction in the company.

So.... what do you think?

Whether you need to establish, protect or enhance your brand, EOTM PR can develop the strategy, implement the plan and measure the results. We call it “Brand Evolution” because branding happens over time, not overnight.

Integrated marketing is more than launching a number of tactics at the same time. Rather, the individual elements should spring from a unified communications strategy. EOTM PR works closely with it’s clients to build powerful cohesive programs that bring it’s clients’ brands to life.

We strongly believe that 85% of the success of a program comes from the first 15% of the effort – and that effort begins with planning. While it is often tempting for PR agencies to start pitching and executing tactics from day one, we use a disciplined approach to ensure that the integrated plan we develop is logical, appropriate, realistic, and measurable.

Call now for a free consultation - 702-781-4498 -- Ask for me, Carli B Frueh!

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