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Regard your neighbors gain as your own gain, and your neighbors lost as your own lost." The Visionary Window: A Quantum Physicist's Guide to Enlightenment by Amit Goswami

Polarity on the Game Board

The seekers use of the concept of polarity and making choices in everyday life is what transforms the lower case game of life, into the uppercase spiritually alive Game of Life. - Living The Law Of One 101: The Choice by Carla L Rueckert

Highlights from Living The Law One 101: The Choice by Carla L Rueckert

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It is the single most crucial detail discussed by the Confederation concerning how the game board works. It is the key of winning the game of life.

What is polarity?

In the study of magnets, I found that in nature iron is generally not magnetized. Iron ore naturally contains many magnetic crystallites, tiny crystalline bodies within the rocks whose magnetic moments or tendencies to produce spin around an axis almost always tends to cancel each other out. However, if the iron comes in contact with an already polarized magnet of sufficient strength, the magnet causes those moments in the raw ore to line up, so that they are all spinning in the same direction. That piece of iron is now magnetized. This magnet has a dynamic nature. One end of it, the north pole is positively polarized, the other end of the magnetized iron is south pole, is negatively polarized. This magnet now has the power to do a certain kind of work. Which is to magnetize other lumps of iron by coming into contact with them, or to act as a compass, which will point to magnetic north when floated in water or bounced on a pivot, allowing it to swing freely.

The crystallites in our human ore are ethical choices. In the usual run of behavior we make choices at random with respect to ethics. We are not born as natural ethical beings, anymore than iron ore is naturally created as a magnet. Until we understand right from wrong in someway, we will make choices which seem useful to us at the time, but which have no overall consistency and follow no coherent plan. So we as human beings do not develop any polarity or power to do work until we undertake our own ethical training and discipline.

When we begin to make consistent ethical choices, we line up the crystallites in our human ore and begin to develop the characteristics of a magnet, able to do work within our consciousness, as we line up more and more of our personality along one consistent line of seeking. As we consistently make ethical choices along one line of intent, we also begin to radiate a metaphysical energy or power which expresses our ethical point of view. We can then, by our very being act as a kind of magnet, which helps others to become magnetized and polarized to make ethical choices also.

Real life situations which call for ethical choices are similar to the chi energy going into our bodies. Our calling upon the higher ethical principles of the game board, capital G, supplies the catalyst needed for change and transformation. An ethical response to an incoming situation lights up our being positively, we develop personal power. As we make ethical choices consistently, we gather momentum along one line of service and increase our polarity. Our human systems are light engines in that if we do not use the concept of polarity -- right or wrong to fuel our choices, our choices will not produce any torque, and metaphysically speaking, we will not develop the power to move our lives forward.

Making choices without using the principles of polarity leaves our being sitting in a gravity well, dead and still. No progress can be made under these conditions.

Our parents and teachers may believe that they have already taught us how to make the proper ethical choices. However, rather than get at the basic principles of ethical choice making, they have tended to give us seemingly arbitrary sets of rules to follow.

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