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Outwitting Tomorrow: Secrets for Living From the Great Pyramid by Valiant Thor & Frank Stranges Free Download - >>> click the link below.

A few nuggets from Outwitting Tomorrow.

There are five departments of life. They are Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Social and Financial. The powers that cause us to do great things from little beginnings are zeal, fervor and enthusiasm. We must live in a constant state of expectancy. We welcome understanding and teaching from every source, knowing that whatever is good is brought to us by the White Forces and we shall use our gifts of discernment to determine the value and truth of all sources of information.

Encourage one another. Do not allow your heart to become hardened by the reactions of others who are trying to teach these lessons for their own benefit. How weak are those people who refuse to listen, contemplate and grasp these lessons.

This book has been carefully written in simple terms by Dr. Frank E. Stranges, with the advice of a Starship Commander, Valiant Thor, an immortal Angel living among us today. This book contains definitive instructions regarding specific subjects directly related to Universal Law, resulting in immediate positive results for the protection, health, prosperity and well-being of those willing to apply them.

A must read in 2024.

This book is available via free download via the internet archive.

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