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Updated: Feb 25

On Thursday, February 15, 2024, my daughter Ashley Carter was murdered. Considering we are getting no assistance in classifying her death as a homicide and no investigation is being done of anyone who may have caused her suspicious death, we are sharing the evidence in order that anyone willing can help us bring attention to this case.
Please note, we are trying to put everything together and I am not saying with certainty who may have had something to do with Ashley's death. However, the police have indicated that her death was suicide. But due to the inconsistencies and other facts, we honestly don't believe it was. Her Dad and I feel that those inconsistencies and other facts existing, have a definite bearing on what happened. We believe our daughter's death should be investigated further, and we're wondering if race and locale were factors in the choice they made.

Ashley's family did not find out about her death until February 16, 2024, around midnight. The reason for this was because Will Mosley, her husband, told us he did not have the passcode to her phone. Everyone that knows her understands this was an untruth. Will said it took hours to figure out her passcode, which is why he did not contact us until midnight the following day. If what he told us was true, why do we see him trying to gain access to her bank account from her cellphone? See the image below. I asked to see her phone because we wanted to view its ring history. I then began looking at her text messages and found the image below and snapped this picture with my own cell phone.


Timeline of events

On February 16th about midnight Will Mosley called Ashley's father, Solomon Carter and said this. "I been so good Mr. Carter on my program. I am in fire fighter school; I haven't been on drugs. I been clean." Solomon immediately knew something was amiss because at the time the call was made, and the irony of the call. He immediately asked what happened to Ashley. Will went on to say that Ashley began “using” again and had a drug overdose. Ashley's family,  friends, co-workers from Olive Garden, Time for Change,  and everyone she had come in contact with in the past two years knew this was out of character for Ashley, who had recovered from drug addiction and had not used drugs in years. Our belief is that he did exactly what he told Ashley’s father he was  going to do if she continued to try and leave him, because she was his meal ticket.

Rewind 6 years:

Ashley was working as a manager at Starbucks in Las Vegas. She was dealing with a breakup and went to her doctor for depression. She was prescribed medication that caused a mental psychotic break. Ashley slowly became a different person and eventually started drinking heavily and began using drugs. Child Protective Services in California eventually took her children; she lost her apartment, became homeless; and started using street drugs. Over the course of the next couple of years, case workers would tell her that she would never get her children back. They said it was an impossibility, and no one came back from this. I, (Ashley's mother) even spoke with numerous case workers, who relayed the same thing to me. I told them, they were wrong, Ashley would overcome this. Ashley loved her two children, and she would walk through hell and highwater to bring them back to her, and she did. It was a long and arduous process, completing most of the program while she was homeless.

During that time, she met Will Mosley, a young man that was also struggling with drugs. She fell in love with him, and both tried getting clean. At one point both went to jail. Upon release, Ashley started the process to gain custody of her children. Due to her previous drug use she was put in a 52-week program, which included drug testing, parenting classes, group counseling, family counseling and community service. While Will, upon his release, there was no drug testing of any kind, simply no real accountability for his crimes.

While incarcerated Ashley joined a program called Time For Change Foundation, which is an organization that provides services for at-risk young adults and adults vulnerable to crime and homelessness. The program assisted Ashley in finding a home, which would eventually lead to her finally bringing her children home.

The program was formidable and many easily failed, but not Ashley. She thrived in the program and finally reclaimed her life. During this time, Will was still in her life, and she wanted to collaborate with him and help him get clean as well. A true testament to her service to others’ outlook. Over the course of the following six months to a year there were difficulties with Will. He would visit her home and most times argue and fight with her, but she cared for him deeply.

One day Ashley called me and asked if I would call her phone and pretend to be her case worker. She asked me to speak loudly and state that she, the case worker, was en route to her apartment, due to information that a man was residing in the apartment with her and her child. If she arrived and this was in fact the case Ashley would possibly lose her new home. I called and did as she requested. Will left the apartment the same day.

I spoke with Ashley later about this and she confided in me stating that Will had never stopped using drugs. I was concerned that she would relapse if she stayed with him, and she advised me that she would never, ever jeopardize her life or her children's by using drugs again. She was done with drugs, but unfortunately, not with Will.

He did leave that time but continued trying to come back into her life. We had conversations about a possible relapse, again she told her father and I, she would never touch a drug again. She loved her children too much and wanted to live.

If you asked me how a young mother could succeed in an extensive program such as “Time For Change,” as well as supervised probation while experiencing homelessness for a time and auspiciously complete that very program with flying colors. I would say, you have to meet Ashley.

Six months or so passed by and one day we discovered that Ashley and Will had wed. It was a shock to many of us in the family, but Ashley loved him despite his faults. She kept telling her father and I that she could save Will from himself. However, Along with these issues, Ashley had been dealing with issues with her oldest child, who did not like Will and did not want to reside in the same home with her any longer. Ashley was devastated by this but was told the child was of age and it was the child's choice, in California. These things hurt Ashley deeply, but she was determined to not allow them to make her fail, if only for her son’s sake.

A few months passed, and I received a call from Ashley's father stating that she was finally ready to leave Will. She asked him to come to San Bernardino and help her try to convince Will to leave. She wanted his help and guidance. Our dear daughter admitted that Will had continued using drugs, and how she was afraid it would jeopardize her custody of her young son. Ashley and her father created a plan for him to come down to California from Georgia and convince Will to leave. After arriving and negotiating with Will, Ashley's father eventually offered to pay him to leave, which he agreed. Later that day Ashley conversed with Will and decided they would again try to make their marriage work against her parents’ wishes. Ashley had changed her mind, and a compromise was made. It was decided that instead of Will going into an inpatient rehabilitation center, he would attend as an outpatient. Ashley would need to drive Will every morning to a methadone clinic to receive his drug.

Solomon stayed with Ashley and Will for a couple of weeks, during which time he began to understand what she was really dealing with. All Will would do was sit around the house and play video games, smoke, drink, do drugs, not caring who saw his paraphernalia,  including my grandson. Ashley worked 10 to 12-hour shifts, cleaned the house, took care of Will, her child and his two dogs while Will did nothing. He would also attack her persona due to Ashley's doctor prescribing her a new medication that caused her to gain weight. This made her more self-conscious. Will would call her fat and ugly, adding it was only himself and his family that loved her.

During this time, I was in Texas for work and things were coming to an end. We decided that I would move to California with Ashley and help her get her life back, hopefully without him. We all knew she was a diligent worker and if she wasn't taking care of her children, she was trying to work extra hours to provide for her family. Will had jobs here and there but could never keep a job. She even helped him obtain work as a dishwasher at her job, which only lasted three or four weeks due to his erratic behavior. This can also be confirmed.


Our beautiful Ashley was once an incredibly happy and active individual. Despite her being with her children again, the relationship with Will was causing her undo stress, but she remained strong, trusting that God would take her through this if she remained diligent. But Will even threatened Solomon’s life during a 911 call, stating, "He would gut him like a fish." Those exact words were recorded and can be verified by the San Bernardino, CA police department. Officers eventually arrived and took a statement from her father. He informed them on several occasions that Will threatened to kill Ashley if she left him. Even describing how he would do it, with fentanyl. The case number for this incident is SBPD 23-90974, and the case number for her death is SBPD 24-19141. Interestingly upon finding Ashley's body 911 was never called by Will or anyone in his family that may have been on the scene, only the coroner. Why would the coroner be the first call made after a possible drug overdose?

Soon after the above scenario, around the time Solomon was set to return to his home in Atlanta, he called me and updated me on what transpired inside of Ashley’s home. Solomon also advised me that Will was continuing to manipulate Ashley, and most concerning of all, threaten her life. Will recanted for her old memories of the time they were homeless and how only his mother had opened the door for her, not her family, which was a lie. Will has methodically worked to isolate Ashley from her loved ones; often refusing to allow her to speak with or see us. However, if you describe as "help," empowering Will to continue living a destructive lifestyle of drug use, being jailed and convicted for committing battery in 2018 for abusing Ashley, then yes, we see the pattern, and its easily substantiated.

Shortly after I arrived,  I began looking for employment in California and a residence near Ashley. I had reminded her of healthy eating habits, and we would go for long walks and hikes, just us two. Anyone that was around her saw life and color coming back. She was again hopeful and happy about the future. While this was happening, Will became jealous of the relationship between Ashley and I and told Ashley  instead of going out daily with Mom, to walk with him instead. This quickly put a halt to our daily interactions and excursions slowly causing a rift between my daughter and I.

While living with Ashley and Will, I observed things that worried me to my core. Every morning, Ashley would take Will to get his methadone medication at the outpatient clinic near their home. He would return and was very loud, confrontational, and jittery from around 8am until 3am the following day. Ashley would go to work, come home, cleanup, take care of Will and repeat this routine again the next day.

One night I awoke to use the bathroom and I found Will's drug kit there on the floor. I threw it away and told Ashley the next morning. All Will had to say about this was, "so what, my mother has seen it too." There was no accountability and around that time I realized that his mother enabled him, I felt incredibly sad for this man. What a sad existence. But nevertheless, I wanted him gone. Things became very bad during my stay, and I definitely bumped heads with Will. On numerous occasions, Ashley begged me to stop talking loudly to him and calling him out on his “bull.” She cried uncontrollably one day, telling me if I continued, he would kill me. I told her that I was not afraid of Will. A couple of weeks went by, and Will and I argued again about his drug use and his yelling at my grandson. He was on the phone with his mother, and I called him out on his drug use despite being in the outpatient program. I called him an addict while he was on the phone with his mother, Denise. She must have said, "she has to go," because  Will said, "yes, she has to go", then Ashley said, "Mommy you have to go." I left California and headed to Nevada three days later. Despite my undying love for my daughter, due to my ego, I had only minimum contact in the last three months of her life. Despite this, Ashley was still in contact with her brother, sisters, father, and many friends during that time.

During this time Ashley's  brother Michael thought it would do her some good to meet new people. She agreed and began talking with a friend of his. It had been about two months since she began speaking with him and decided that, yes, finally she was ready to leave Will. On February 15, 2024, the day she was set to meet her new friend, Ashley was murdered.

This is the timeline we got from Will regarding her last day.

Please note, there is a ring camera on the front door as well as the back door. As of today, the police have not subpoenaed this footage, nor even bothered to investigate what may have been deleted from her cell phone.

Audio from Will and his brother stating the door was knocked down to gain access and how they cleaned up the crime scene. (my brother is speaking to Will and Will's brother is the one that states he broke down the door. They were outside in the public when the audio was recorded.) The door was not broken and there is no Ring footage showing this. Actually, as we viewed the footage, we noticed that there were missing blocks of time. We urged the San Bernardino Police Department to investigate, but nothing has been done as of today.


Because upon arriving on the scene the coroner was told a false narrative by Will and his family. A man-made story of overdose, and they were sticking to it. 

More notables...

Originally Will and his family relayed to us that my grandson said his mother was laying down sleeping despite the family telling us that he never walked in her bedroom and saw the body.

Please listen to the audio below. My brother started recording their conversations with Will and his family after hearing the inconsistencies in the timeline. I uploaded a few of the audios on Youtube. All audios included in this article were recorded in the public domain.


Will states on February 15th about 8am he walked out the front door. The ring footage definitely shows Will walking out and Ashley coming up behind him asking if he had his phone. She said, "you got your phone, bye baby" and walked back inside the apartment. The ring footage shows her going back inside. About 15 minutes later, the footage shows her walking back outside towards the parking lot in her pajama pants, robe, and house slippers. She did not get in her car because Will had supposedly used it to go to work in the San Bernardino mountains. This is also easy to verify because there are cameras in the parking area of her apartments, and Will can definitely be deemed innocent if an employer had in fact hired him to truly extinguish forest fires. There is no footage of Ashley walking back inside at either of the doors. Nothing. The footage then starts at the area where Wills brother arrived with my grandson after picking him up from school. It is obvious that the footage has been edited, and we need the San Bernardino, California Police Department, located at 710 North D street -- San Bernardino, California to do their job and investigate my daughters death.

Will tells us that about 2:30-3:30 pm the school calls him and says that Ashley never picked up her son from school. Will says considering he was working in the mountains of San Bernardino putting out forest fires he called his brother to pick up my grandson and take him home. (This can be easily verified) Upon arriving at the apartment as I stated earlier, Will tells us that his brother rings the bell, and no one answers. He then states that he directs his brother to kick the door in to get inside. He does and he finds Ashley's body on her bed, naked.

This must be investigated. The door was never kicked in. There is no visible damage to the back door or the front. My grandchild was a witness to this, and we haven’t been able to speak with him about this day because he was placed in the care of Will's family. We are extremely afraid for his safety considering he is a possible witness to a crime. The ring footage shows my grandchild accompanying the step uncle after he was picked up from school. Again, despite the fact that Will and his family told us the door was not kicked in, there is no damage to any of the doors. Also, there is no footage of Ashley going back into her home.

Now, a couple of things must be noted. Ashley's family was not told of her death until on the 16th about midnight.

When I arrived in San Bernardino from Las Vegas on the 16th, my aunt and brother were at the apartment awaiting my arrival. Will and his mother, Denise, were removing items from Ashley's home, loading them into her vehicle. Will had given my aunt Ashley's phone and they were combing through the Ring footage. There were so many inconsistencies, and it was obvious the ring footage was altered. I took possession of my daughters’ cell phone and scoured through the footage; I was visibly frantic. I noticed Denise watching me intently and I tried composing myself, but she was already whispering something to Will. He then approached me and asked for the phone back. I tried ignoring him, hoping he would just walk away. I noticed his mother walking towards the officer on scene telling him I had stolen the phone. I frantically tried to hide the phone, but only so I could give it to the detective. The police threatened me with arrest if I did not give Will my daughter’s phone, because they were married. The officer said they would be able to subpoena the data and if he erased anything they would be able to retrieve it. But again, as of today, nothing.

This must be noted, the very first thing Will and his mother said when I walked in the door after arriving from Las Vegas  was, "Ashley had been acting strange and they discovered she had started using again and had a drug overdose." Those were their first words to me. It was odd. I almost laughed at the incredulousness of the situation. I said to them both, how they must think we don't know Ashley. He continued spouting that she started using drugs again on January 5th, the day she regained full custody of her child. This was the most absurd thing I had ever heard. Anyone that knew Ashley understood that she was long done with drugs. Also, she was still on supervised probation (set to end June 2024), and Time for Change Foundation, occasionally did random drug tests. This is also quite easy to verify.

We will get back to this point in a bit.

Let's get back to the footage. Again, and I reiterate, there was no footage of Ashley walking back into her home. There is no footage of the brother kicking in the door. The door was not kicked in as we observed the door the day we found out about her death.

Now, if the brother kicked the door in after picking up my grandchild from school why did they not call the police then and there? We found out later that the coroner was only called and they in turn brought the police and fire department. So, 911 was not called. Who calls the coroner and not 911 after a death? Just this fact should have caused the officers to dig deeper. But still nothing.

We are not sure exactly what happened to Ashley, on February 15, 2024, but to say that she died from a self-inflicted drug overdose is a lie. Ask her friends, family, counselors, general manager, probation officer, doctor. There is no evidence of her beginning to use drugs again on January 5th after gaining full custody of her son. The very thought of this is so out of character for her, after all she had been through, all her children had been through, to whimsically throw all of that out the window again. No, that is not what happened.

Will and his family  cleaned up the crime scene. They admitted this little fact. They told the coroner that Ashley was a drug addict and had overdosed on drugs. The coroner evidently believed the story because in the documents they wrote, the cause of death was a drug overdose. It was the story Will, his mother, his brother and brother’s wife presumably told the coroner. Child protective services were called, and my grandson was placed with Will's brother and his wife. Why was our family not called until midnight the following day? They stuck to their story and were believed by whom they told it to. Ashley overdosed on drugs. This is a lie and what's terribly sad is the man she loved and tried to save, killed her and is willing to have the entire world believe she began using drugs the day she was given full custody of her child, in celebration.

Notably, in late November Ashley took a weeklong family trip to Chicago to celebrate her 100-year-old great grandmothers’ birthday and meet her sister for the first time as an adult. She was extremely happy. Who kills themselves after experiencing new highs in family togetherness.

Please note, if the toxicology report determines it was a drug overdose...which was already put on the documents Will and his family received from the coroner, then what must be investigated is if drugs were in fact forced down her throat to cause a drug overdose because she was definitely going to finally leave him.

Why would the officers on the scene of a death, arbitrarily write overdose on the documents if they had not thoroughly investigated? This very knowledge would cause an officer to feel like there is no investigation needed because of purported lifetime drug use. These very words have caused the San Bernardino Police Department to decide not to investigate my daughter’s death as a murder.

Again, my grandchild has been in the custody of this family since his mother was murdered. Custody was given to the brother-in-law, despite his father being in the same state and present at the hearing, and his grandmother in the next. No one called us  because Will's family told the coroner that they were her only family. The case worker did not do her due diligence. Her excuse was they did not want the child sitting in her office for hours on a Friday night.

I have spoken to a detective at the precinct and was told to come into the station and speak with a homicide detective. I did this yesterday, February 22nd and was told there was no one there I could speak with. I texted the detective I previously spoke with, and he texted me back that he was unavailable to talk at the moment. He never returned my call.

There is massive wrongdoing of the San Bernardino, California Police Department regarding my daughters’ death. There is a cover up by a man and his family and we will not stop fighting until there is Justice for Ashley.

We have audios where the family stated they tampered with evidence and cleaned up the crime scene.

Other notables:

Will did not contact the family until midnight. He states the reason for this is because he could not get into Ashley's phone. When I had my daughter’s phone, I took a screenshot of someone trying to gain access to her US Bank account. (picture above)It was a link to reset her account password. Why would a grieving husband empty his newly deceased wife's checking account before he contacted the family?

The page will be updated daily as current information becomes available. Ashley had survived drug addiction and had a long life ahead of her.

Please, if you are reading this and have information on Ashley's death, leave a comment below or call (702) 781-4498 or contact the San Bernardino Police Department at (909) 384-5742.

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