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This too shall past...

A beautiful thought form/word to manifest into the NOW. This to shall pass.

The Indo-Iranian Journal (IIJ), founded in 1957, is a peer-reviewed journal that focuses on the ancient and medieval languages and cultures of South Asia and of pre-Islamic Iran. It publishes articles on Indo-Iranian languages (linguistics and literatures), such as Sanskrit, Avestan, Middle Iranian and Middle & New Indo-Aryan. It publishes specialized research on ancient Iranian religion and the Indian religions, such as the Veda, Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism (including Tibetan). The Journal welcomes epigraphical studies as well as general contributions to the understanding of the (pre-modern) history and culture of South Asia. Illustrations are accepted. A substantial part of the Indo-Iranian Journal is reserved for reviews of new research. The Journal predominantly publishes articles in English and occasionally in French and German.

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Life is a trip. Right now most of us are dealing with very similar things. In the midst of it all, we must.... intricately, we must all keep moving. Progressing to something better is the advice I give to my children, my blood, family… which is humanity…. all of us.
We can’t wait on the powers that be whom controls this world. Humanity is it's own savior. Period. To believe otherwise is truly a disservice to humanity as a whole. And whomever disagrees, well, I say prove me wrong. Right here and right now, because believe me, I am open to all perspectives
Fear is what leads most of us in this paradigm. Prove me and you wrong. Break the shackles of fear and have no fear. Show us all that you aren't pissing your pants right now. Share how you stand strong -- how you truly stay alive.
The end result...

You can leave or you can stay, and fight for whatever it is you may believe in, or you can go no where. You must decide your course/quest.

but the last thing I need is to sit around and waste another minute here. Let’s go. But go where? Where are we going? Where are you going? ……. (Into the unknown courageously) Well, I will say this to whomever reads this. I am not scared. I aint all spit and no game. I may run, but I am not afraid of the dark.

A beautiful word: Wheat in Sanskrit is गोधूम godhūma (from which the Urdu gandum comes). Other Notables: go= earth, cow; dhūma = smoke Dictionaries give it as [color of ] "earth exhalation". I think wheat as "[color of] dust when cows come home (as in dusk)" is better. What say you?

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