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Find your sense of humor.

They say laughter is the best medicine. It's your body's way of coping with stress, releasing tension and resetting your brain to be more positive. A good throaty chuckle will release endorphins and dopamine, nature's true essence.

Whether we like it or not, and whether we’ve signed up for it or not, life seems to throw curve balls one time or another. Adversity, and the obstacles that really shake us to our core, seem to be an integral part of life, and this applies to absolutely everyone.

Just picture the happiest person you know, and guess what, they could be going through an existential crisis that no one really knows about. Have you ever wondered why that is? Why does life, so aptly and so creatively, customize these really tough, heart-wrenching lessons for all of us?

What happens at the other end of adversity? Why is there adversity? What has been your experience after a very tough battle with something? Do you feel like a phoenix rising from the ashes? Reborn? Stronger than ever? And ready to take on the world?

This has been my personal experience. The challenges that I’ve been through – and they are many – have always helped me find my inner strength; sometimes because I just had to in order to survive and other times because adversity is a strange, uncanny experience that changes our inner “code” in many ways.

A reboot of sorts.

So next time you’re going through something really tough and uncomfortable remember that this just very well, maybe a blessing in disguise, and know that each challenge you overcome adds another layer of strength and fortitude to your armor. You reach a point where you actually start to welcome – or at least not cringe from – adversity, because you’ve realized how strong you are. You have come to know yourself on a very deep level to where you’ve developed a healthy respect, and admiration, for yourself. Because now you know that nothing will conquer your will. Noting – and no one – will be able to bring you down because now you’re rooting for you! You’ve become your own greatest supporter. And once you’re at that level, you become like a phoenix, unconquerable and your indomitable will brightly shines through your powerful face.

Adversity offers valuable insights

Adversity is a great teacher. This is your chance to gain valuable insights; to truly learn from your mistakes so you'll have a better chance of success next time. However, you will have to engage in some self-reflection.

In life, through struggles, what is true to me is that adversity is what fuels greatness. I am not saying adversity is the only road to greatness, I am saying it is the only path I know.... at least in this life, and I am grateful.

Adversity is one of the most powerful forces in life. It can bring out your best or your worst. Ultimately, it is up to you.

Have you dealt with adversity recently? How did you overcome this obstacle? How are you handling it? What qualities help people deal with conflict, challenge and adversity?

Please share below in the comments & take the #RiseChallenge

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