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Over three years ago, a newly identified virus triggered a world-wide pandemic that rapidly spread through the U.S., and the world.

The corona virus, the invisible enemies shutdown brought heretofore inconceivable challenges as we grappled with uncertainty, pulled together, and learned to adapt to challenges that presented themselves. Grasping to innerstand and lean on new technologies, and re-imagine the nature of our true experience. The reduction of in-person, peer-to-peer real communications, and simply any means of connection to family and friends and foe became extremely difficult. The sense of isolation, economic hardship, and all other sorts of challenges, of which we dealt with remarkably.

We all needed to get back to basics.

But even amid the pandemic , we sought to persevere . We celebrated big wins as well as loses. We welcomed new leadership, new and transcended thought. And we all worked together to generate bold ideas and create something new, something better than our predecessors. A plan or a way of life designed to create a more equitable, inclusive, innovative future for our world, for the cities and states within which we all continue to thrive.

As I rewind time and remember, I have been horrified by how easily people give up their freedoms without even a real fight...just to keep some semblance of their "normal life."
Why? What about the bigger picture?

Expressing Gratitude for Resilience, New Beginnings, and Each Other

I am sincerely grateful for the commitment of the brave, those true patriots that came into this life to fight for humanity, fight for life and spirit and are strong in their stance, unwavering.

Even though the chaos in our current paradigm still creates a small amount of anxiety, loss, and other personal challenges --- humanity has remained incredibly committed to it's survival. We got this. Don't give up.

Together, we can define the future of our world.

It’s been a remarkable process that I’ve been so honored to be a part of. And to all of us, and all of you who stuck it out and tried, struggled, and persisted in circumstances no one would have imagined. I’m in constant awe of your grit, determination, generosity, forgiveness, tenacity and grace.

As we pause to remember where we were, how far we’ve come, and where we go next, I pose a question to you all. How has humanity adapted and surmounted the challenges we’ve faced?

I implore you to reflect on questions we may all be asking ourselves, including what trials may still confront us? What our next chapter may look like? How our pandemic experiences have changed us and, in some cases, unexpectedly helped us move forward, and what they’re most grateful for...?

Why? Because it's important to innerstand the ground we currently cover and where we go from here?

The world is a game. It's time we pick up the slack.

Leave your thoughts in the comments below. Thank you in advance.


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