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the “Great Reset” and the Liberty of Christians ACCORDING TO ARCHBISHOP CARLO VIGANO

This Great Reset, desired by the globalist elite, represents the final revolution with which to create a shapeless and anonymous mass of slaves connected to the internet, confined to the house, threatened by an endless series of pandemics designed by those who already have the miraculous vaccine ready.

A Meditation on the “Great Reset” and the Liberty of Christians

By Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò

“O God, You are awesome from Your sanctuary; the God of Israel gives strength and power to His people.” — Psalm 68:35 [67:36, Vul.]

On November 19, 2020, the founder of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, declared that “Covid is an opportunity for a global reset.”

In reality, Schwab was slavishly repeating what Jacques Attali said in the French weekly L’Express on May 3, 2009 [so, 11 years ago]: “History teaches us that humanity evolves significantly only when it is really afraid: then it initially develops defense mechanisms; sometimes intolerable (scapegoats and totalitarianisms); sometimes useless (distractions); sometimes effective (therapies, which, if necessary, may depart from all previous moral principles). Then, once the crisis is over, fear transforms these mechanisms to make them compatible with individual freedom and inscribe them as policies of a healthy democracy.”

Back then it was the swine flu which, according to the media, was expected to cause millions of deaths and for which nations bought millions of doses of vaccines never used, because they proved useless, from “Big Pharma.” Useless for all — except for those who sold them, making huge profits.

One might wonder why a flu virus that according to recent WHO data has a mortality (0.13%) slightly higher than that of a normal seasonal flu syndrome (0.10%) could have led to the declaration of the pandemic and to a series of practically identical countermeasures in almost all European nations and the American continent.

One might also wonder why Covid-19 treatments are generally discredited, minimized or prohibited, while the vaccine is considered the most effective solution.

And it needs to be explained how it is possible to create a vaccine, since — according to the statements of the US CDC (United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) — the virus has not yet been isolated.

What antigen may be used, if the virus SARS-CoV-2 cannot be isolated and replicated?

And what reliability can the virus tests have, since the tests are calibrated to detect only on the generic “Coronavirus” in general?

And if on October 19 the Spallanzani Hospital in Rome announced the development of a test that distinguishes between normal flu and Covid-19, may we know what so far have patients who undergo the new test been found positive for?

Perhaps this lack of clarity is why some members of the Moderna and Pfizer boards of directors have sold part of their company shares.

So, let’s go back to the questions that many posed to themselves months ago, and to the never-contradicted contents of my two Open Letters to President Trump: a world plan appears in its disconcerting reality. The architects of the plan, creating an unjustified social alarm about an alleged pandemic — that today we see is no more serious than a normal flu, as confirmed by official data from all over the world — has been used to create a tremendous global social and economic crisis and so to legitimize the drastic reduction of the basic rights of the population. It is what its authors themselves call the Great Reset: the global reset of the economy, of society and of masses of people.

In this project, the Covid virus plays a fundamental role, as an alibi that justifies — in the face of the “totem” of a science that has prostituted itself to the interests of an elite after having abdicated its mission to save human lives — the deprivation of freedom, the interference of governments in the private life of its citizens, the establishment of a pseudo-health regime in which, against all objective scientific evidence, the number of diners, the distance between people, the possibility of buying, selling, breathing and even praying, is decided from above.

Someone, in the deafening silence of the Catholic Hierarchy, has imposed the closure of churches or the limitation of religious celebrations, considering the House of God as a cinema or a museum, but at the same time declaring abortion clinics “essential services.”
These are the paradoxes of a misguided power, managed by people corrupt in the soul and sold out to Satan, a power which, after obsessively repeating the mantras of “democracy” and “power belongs to the people” is now forced to impose a dictatorship on the people themselves, in the name of the achievement of objectives aimed at protecting the political and financial interests of the elite.

The rich are getting richer and richer, while the middle classes that constitute the social fabric and the very soul of nations is being cut down.

The French Revolution wiped out the Western aristocracy.

The Industrial Revolution obliterated the peasants and spread the proletarianization which led to the disaster of Socialism and Communism.

The Revolution of ’68 demolished the family and the school.

This Great Reset, desired by the globalist elite, represents the final revolution with which to create a shapeless and anonymous mass of slaves connected to the internet, confined to the house, threatened by an endless series of pandemics designed by those who already have the miraculous vaccine ready.

Precisely in these days, with the harmony of a plan that seems orchestrated in every detail under a single leadership, the imposition of a vaccine is being theorized by many parties, even before the vaccine’s actual effectiveness is fully known, and even before the vaccine’s possible side-effects may be fully ascertained.

This obligation to receive a vaccine is projected by many to occur alongside the issuance by a “health passport,” so that those who have such a passport may move without limitations, while those who refuse a vaccine would not be able to use means of transport, attend restaurants and visit public places, schools and offices.

That this represents an intolerable violation of the individual’s freedoms does not seem to be a problem: law-makers do not hesitate to sack parliaments to impose their tyrannical norms, knowing that their power exists as long as they obey the Great Reset agenda, endorsed by the international institutions such as the European Union and the UN.

Faced with such a massive and coordinated deployment of forces we remain astonished, bewildered by the impudence of those who are telling us, in essence, that we must silently accept the dictatorship of a faceless power group, because that is how the group has decided.

We are disconcerted by the enslavement of the world Left — and of the Democrats in the United States — to this agenda, which knows no limits, no restraints on its execution, to the point of organizing an electoral coup of such magnitude and gravity as to be horrified.

The manual fraud of duplicate ballots, the votes of deceased people, citizens who discover they have voted a thousand times and employees who tamper with the results by obscuring the windows of the polling stations with cardboard panels, is accompanied by the use of a vote-counting apparatus which is proving not only to be open to fraudulent use, but even to have been designed at the software level to allow the shifting of votes from one candidate to another, based on a complex algorithm.

We discover that the people behind this macroscopic fraud are always the same, always of the same political party, always subservient to the same ideology. People corrupt in intellect and will, because they made themselves the slaves of a ruthless tyrant, after refusing to obey a good, just and merciful Lord.

Thus, as these have accepted the slavery of sin and rebellion against God, today they would like to drag the whole of humanity into an abyss of death and despair: it is the miserable revenge of Satan, who, not being able to defeat the One who cast him into hell, tries to drag with him as many souls as possible, in an attempt to frustrate the work of Redemption.

We, believers in Christ Our Only Lord, have no reason to fear, even against all human reason: we know that, reborn in Baptism, we are no longer servants but children of God, and that by preserving the friendship of our Lord with Grace we can trust in Him, in His provident help, in His powerful protection.

Ultimately, this is true freedom: the freedom of the children of God, who obey His law not out of fear but out of love, not out of compulsion but because in adhering to the divine will they will find their own perfect fulfillment and their complete realization.

For every soul is created for the greater glory of God, for eternal bliss as a reward of fidelity to the Savior.

Don’t let our hearts be troubled!

The maneuvers of those who work in darkness are coming to light, showing themselves in all their horror and revealing their perverse and infernal matrix.

Lies, deceptions, violence, death: this is the harsh reality of evil before which people of good will can only be horrified.

If Our Lord deigns to listen to the prayers of His children, this castle of lies and fraud will collapse miserably, and its architects will have to go back into hiding to escape the rigors of justice and the execration of peoples.

These are decisive hours: we continue to pray, to recite the Holy Rosary, to nourish ourselves with the Most Holy Eucharist, to do penance.

The choral voice that rises up to the throne of the divine Majesty will not remain unheard.

Let us not be discouraged, because it is in the moment of trial that the Lord gives us the opportunity to show our trust in Him and to see the greatness of His mercy.

“Whatsoever you ask in My Name, I will do, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son” (Jn 14, 13). Our Lord told us clearly: anything.

We therefore ask the Father, in the Name of the Son our Lord and Redeemer, through the intercession of His most holy Mother our powerful mediator, to show His glory, to grant the exaltation of Holy Church, peace and prosperity to the Christian peoples, the conversion of sinners, the defeat of His enemies.

God arises, and his enemies will be scattered, and those who hate him will flee before him” (Psalm 68[67]:1).

+ Carlo Maria Viganò

25 November 2020 St. Catherine of Alexandria, Virgin and Martyr


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