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the home of the brave, land of the free...really?

When Francis Scott Key wrote the words “the land of the free and the home of the brave” in 1814, he did so in a poem called “The Defense of Fort McHenry.” The battle of Fort McHenry in Baltimore was a decisive one in which Americans truly demonstrated bravery and fought for freedom. Today, we still claim to be the land of the free and the home of the brave -- but honestly since March of 2020 --- what I've seen in the United States is a complacent people, a nation willing to give up everything those brave individuals fought so hard for. We were once the home of the brave, because we understood at our core that Americans are innately courageous, as shown by the history of the pioneers who settled vast open lands. The phrase is meant to induce feelings of patriotism and pride. Once these words meant something true, today they feel as if they are simply words hanging in the balance -- waiting on a greater effort from its people.

There comes a time in the affairs of humankind when it becomes necessary to throw off the yoke of tyranny which has insidiously taken over the governments of the world. That moment has now arrived. We, the people, must take back our power from those that have stolen it.

Do not go gentle into the good night. Old age should burn and rave at close of day; rage, rage into the dying of the light. - Dylan Thomas

This year has been one for the history books - and with that being said, what impact will our willful acceptance of mandatory masks, continuous lock downs, shut downs, contact tracing and mandatory vaccinations have on the people of the world 50, 75 or 150 years from now?

Time will tell.

Grappling with the weight of my fears.....

Every year, the State Department issues reports on individual rights in other countries, monitoring the passage of restrictive laws and regulations around the world.

Even as we pass judgment on countries we consider unfree, We, the people of America remain confident that any definition of a free nation must include our own. Yet, the recent laws and practices of the land should shake that confidence.

For the past nine months we have seen our basic human rights systematically stripped away. All the things that made America great has disappeared and more and more everyday it is becoming increasingly obvious that there is malevolent hand working behind the scenes to enact a very different America. Even before this pandemic, the United States has comprehensively reduced civil liberties in the name of an expanded security state. At what point does the reduction of individual rights in our country change how we define our lives?

If The Great Reset rolls in like the power that be would like, we may find ourselves locked down indefinitely. So, now more than ever we must stand up and say enough is enough, while we still can.

For those that are able to see, President Trump has fought against this totalitarian agenda from day one in office -- which is why the extreme push back by the deep state. Trump has clearly stated that he wants to defend our great nation fundamental liberties and non-negotiable values that are denied and fought against today. It is Trump and his team that opposes the deep state. For this reason, it is necessary that all good people be persuaded to stand with Trump, not so much for the sake of an election, but because of the inspirations this type of action garners. There is so much at stake -- I believe the fate of humanity hangs in the balance. We can't stand by idly and watch this play out. We must stand together, stand with our President. As Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano has said, we must pray, fervently. We must must be the change many of us need. Which brings me back to the reason for this post.

Is the United States still the home of the brave and the land of the free?

As the COVID-19 pandemic purportedly spreads rapidly around the planet, it has prompted the governments of the world to respond with an iron fist -- in order to protect public health. This has included implementing drastic orders that require people to stay at home and/or wear a mask or face covering as ways to help slow the spread of this virus.

So what do we do? We need to be the example. Let's discuss masks and face coverings. Let's really look at the scientific data, allow the medical professionals that are against the masks speak without being censored. More and more people everyday are questioning the narrative presented to us.

No masks. No service.

This is not acceptable, not anymore.

What would happen if you walked into a store, without a mask? Would you be asked to leave? Would these small business owners really turn you away? I think not. It just takes one person to step up and make a difference and I am seeing this more and more everyday.

Yesterday, as I parked my vehicle at a gas station -- observing my surroundings, all the obedient citizens sporting a variety of hip facial coverings. I decided to stroll in without a mask. As I opened the door, I held my head high and made my way to the end of the line. As I made eye contact with the cashier I saw a twinkle in her eye... a spark of hope and a slight smile. I felt -- she needed to see my simple act of bravery. I felt empowered, I felt this was a big move for me. I soaked it all in. As I walked back to my car I noticed an older gentle pulling into the parking lot with all of his car windows rolled up -- wearing a mask. He looked at me and I smiled. As I walked over to the pump to start pumping the gas into my tank I noticed the same gentleman now out of his car, walking into the gas station with no mask. Interesting.

We truly need to see more acts of bravery. Simple acts of people standing up with their heads held high without a mask. To see more of this, it stirs something within us that humanity needs to own, again.

We, the people must stand together and break free from the tyranny that has become self-evident.

We, the People of these United States of America do solemnly take back our rights, liberties and powers, which are considered by all righteous governments to be inalienable, from an unlawful and tyrannical government which has wrongfully and systematically encroached upon the inherent rights of its citizens.

We, the People, demand that the US government immediately cease and desist from legislating, executing and adjudicating all law which is not in strict compliance with natural law, common law and constitutional law.

We, the People, demand an immediate and permanent suspension of each and every law, statute and rule/regulation that is in violation of divinely ordained human rights, civil rights, and constitutional rights. We demand immediate termination of all such inhumane and unacceptable conduct.

I am Sovereign, I am Free, I am brave.

Do not go gentle into the good night. Old age should burn and rave at close of day; rage, rage into the dying of the light.


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