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Happy New Year everyone!

A little help with ideas for resident events in 2023 from a 20 year property manager veteran turned Account Executive in the flooring industry! Two caveats, I know what works and I also know what property managers need to make their events even more appealing, sponsor dollars! (I would love to help here too) In this article I will be sharing my list of successful #residentevents I have hosted over the years.

Resident events are more than a fun way to get residents out of their homes. If successful, they revitalize and promote a feeling of community that allows residents to become engaged. I am a firm believer of communities who play together, stay together (think increased resident retention). Higher resident engagement for events leads to greater resident satisfaction that can benefit your renewal rates as well as your communities reviews, which is paramount in todays landscape. All of the planning that goes into a resident appreciation event is worth its weight in gold when your residents come together and realize how much your management team truly cares.

In hindsight, resident events should encourage those living in your community to come out of their shells. Ultimately, this creates a buzz of excitement in the air. When a property manager invests time and energy in an event, it shows their residents that they're invested in improving the quality of life in the community.

Without further ado check out my list below.

  1. Eclipse viewing party. There is always a lot of excitement leading up to an eclipse event so you can't go wrong with this one! Don't forget the eclipse glasses to protect your residents eyes during the almost once in a lifetime event! The next worldwide eclipse event is October 14, 2023.

  2. Pours & Pies! What's better than a delicious piece of pie? A delicious piece of pie, paired with a glass of your favorite wine! Host a pours and pie event in your swanky clubhouse and hire a local band or artist to feel the air with feel good music, your residents will love you forever!

  3. Bonfire s'mores under the stars. A perfect resident event that's fun for kids and parents alike. A bonfire @ your communities pool area with all of the s'more ingredients provided is a sure memory maker. Get the kids engaged and the parents will join the party.

  4. Because everyone loves Taco's! 5-7pm Off-site event at Peyote. First 50 residents to RSVP will get a welcome drink and tacos while supplies last⁠.

  5. Dive in Movies @ your beautiful community resort style pool. Pop some popcorn and spread out the blankets! Prop up the projector and have instant big screen festivities, as your happy residents lounge by the pool sipping Mimosa's on a #funboy floaty; enjoying such blockbusters as “Avatar 2”, “Guardians of the Galaxy”, “Aquaman”, or “Indiana Jones 5.”

  6. Fun run, literally! Start a group for both amateur and serious runners. A running or hiking club helps bring the athletic community of your property together. Make t-shirts and pick a property based team name and you're set. Want to take your club a little further? Pick a charitable cause and host a 5K to support it. It's a great way to show the personal investment you have in your community.

  7. Now you're cooking with classes! Have a group of aspiring chefs. Bring a professional chef to your community to teach a cooking skills class. One great recipe, some kitchen basics and a hungry crowd and you've got a recipe for a resident event success.

  8. Trivial dispute! Put out a call for trivia teams and lure residents in with great prizes. Set up team tables with snacks and drinks, then pick your topics. Movies, sports, entertainment, and history are great places to start. Choose a dynamic host, designate a DJ, and see who's got skills. When it comes to resident event ideas, it's a fan favorite and also one of the easiest to pull off on s small budget.

  9. Unleash your karaoke stars! Nothing brings people together quite like a karaoke night. Get a microphone, offer prizes for the best performances and let them loose! Your happy residents will feel like rock stars.

Oh -- I can't forget the highlight of this article! If you are in the Las Vegas, Nevada area and are in need of a sponsor/partner for your next big resident event, hit me up. I would love to help!

A little inspiration goes a long way. Whether you have a site team full of event pros or you're hosting your community's first event, these ideas are guaranteed to get your residents excited. Start filling your events calendar with ideas for every season and age group. Also, start an event log and track your resident engagement. This will help you decide which events were a hit and which will require more planning for next year. Either way, keeping your residents engaged regarding your next event will breathe life into your community.

Have something to add to our list of resident event ideas? Leave it in the comments below!

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