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Based on "The Deep Rig" written by Patrick M. Byrne

About this movie:

Ask the questions that censorship happy mainstream media doesn't want you to ask. Reveal the truth that Twitter sacrificed millions of accounts to hide. Follow the team of patriots, lawyers and white hat hackers determined to reveal the facts behind the headlines, to backroom scenes and through electronic networks designed to rig any election they conduct. Scrutinize for yourself the evidence which paints a portrait of Washington's double-dealings and international intrigue.

The Deep Rig shows the systematic fraud of the 2020 election through the eyes of the white hat hackers, expert witnesses, and lawyers on the front lines of exposing it.

It is now FREE online and an Excellent resource to share!

Featuring: Patrick M Byrne, General Flynn, Jovan Hutton, Bobby Piton, Joseph Flynn, Joe Oltmann and Col. Phil Waldron.

Click the link below to set up a group or individual viewing of The Deep Rig Today!


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